Personal Training at RSG

Personal training is broken

Get FAST, visible Results with Head Coach Anthony Shaw, in a better atmosphere and for LESS money than ‘same-old’ personal training with our 2:1 training systems.


 We specialise in injury rehab and prevention

Private and customised training sessions each week in our private facility, we pair you with another like-minded and focussed individual meaning maximum time with your coach in comparison to larger group training programs, and a social, team atmosphere to help push you and support you. You'll get maximal results with training tailored to your goals and fitness levels. With a customised program we optimise your results and recovery at the same time.

You'll get a movement screening and strength testing on your first day, so we can prescribe a personalised mobility/rehab program for tight/weak areas and ensure we train according to your current fitness levels. This personalisation means faster progress as we are laser focussed on your goals. Anthony specialises in injury rehab and prevention, helping those that may be unable to join a group training program. 

The Path to Superhuman Nutrition System

You'll get a framework for daily eating, meal prep and habit forming checklists, ensuring that even when you are busy you can burn fat and feel healthier every day. With nutrition that is dialled into your body, you will inevitably get incredible results.  

Mindset Mastery

By training in a dedicated team with another member with similar goals and fitness levels to your own, you can push yourself harder than you ever could alone. You'll make new friends and progress quickly with guidance and support from our Raw Strength Tribe of fellow members, our biggest asset according to our current members. You will receive support and guidance in our online support group and join the entire gym in social events and 'Lift & Eat' days. Most importantly, you will reset your habits and regain control over your life through monthly and weekly progress tracking and check-ins, changing the way you train and eat forever. 




Our Vital Performance + Package is a 12 week program with 1 x coached PT session per week plus 3 x Per Week access to Built, Strong & Fit Classes.

From £179 per month



Our Vital Performance 2 x PW Package is a 12 week program with 2 x coached sessions per week with Head Coach Anthony Shaw. 

From £230 per month



Our Vital Performance Max Package is a 12 week program with 3 x coached sessions per week with Head Coach Anthony Shaw.  

From £330 per month