suffering from back pain?

suffering from back pain?

suffering from back pain?

You CAN fix chronic back pain.

I’ve made a video of the approach I take with my clients to rid them of back pain.

Not back ache mind you.

But agonising, daily pain that affects your mood and makes you think twice about leaving the house, let alone hitting the gym.

RSG fitness TIPs of the week

RSG fitness TIPs of the week

What’s up team, hope you’re having a wonderful sunny Friday.


We are getting a taste of summer now, it’ll soon be tops off time.


Are you happy with your body?


Getting stronger, fitter and healthier means you’ll have a leaner body - these things go hand in hand.


SO here are the top tips we’ve sent out this week in a nice easy summary 😃


Have a read - go and DO!

An easy fitness plan

An easy fitness plan

Fitness has got a bad reputation:


> overly complex advice


> differing opinions


> extremely boring and strict methods


Which leads people to flat out give up.


In my opinion, giving up is never a good option.


Especially when we’re talking about giving up on your own health, strength and really, your sanity! 


So is there such thing as an easy fitness plan?

Pillars of Life

Pillars of Life

One thing that I believe is extremely important when you want to get healthier is looking at your lifestyle.


Symptoms of an unhealthy lifestyle are things we all battle with: excess body fat, constant bad moods, stress, tiredness, unfit etc.


These are symptoms of an unhealthy lifestyle. Not something we can fix directly. 


Read that again - we cannot fix these things directly, without surgery and medication that is, and I’m assuming you don’t want to go down that route!


So let’s look at the main lifestyle factors that CAUSE these issues.

food poisoning...FML

food poisoning...FML

so… last weekend I got some food poisoning


in fact, I actually think it wasn’t poisoning per se


But it was my body rejecting too much junk food over the weekend.


I mean, I really went to town.


I know this isn’t what you expect to hear from a fitness professional


But that’s what I did.


I’m not proud.


I want to restore my health, and your faith in me (!) so here’s what we are going to do:


> lay out some basic rules for eating healthily


> set out the PILLARS OF LIFE to live your code each and every day


> be more active, let your body act like a human body, rather than an insect locked in a cubicle. 

How to get disciplined.

How to get disciplined.

MASSIVE topic today!!!


F-it up and you have ZERO chance of changing your body


Yet despite the mystical, ‘life-coach’ vibe that discipline has, it’s actually really simple to do.




Decide upon your PURPOSE




Write down a GOAL aligned with your PURPOSE