WHY do you want to get fitter?

WHY do you want to get fitter?

I wake-up demotivated quite often.


My work ethic is really good, to be perfectly honest.


I can stick to habits and routines designed to achieve my goals for a LONG time.


But damn, isn't it crap when you've been working hard yet not seeing results?


I stop doing the work when I feel like that.


> cheat on my diet


> skive off work


> skip training


> stay up late watching TV




Motivation is at an all time low


My body feels tired and my belly is bloated


My muscles are actually MORE achey and tight when I don't train (probably because my warm-up and lighter sets have a nice tonic effect on my muscles and nerves)


But progress definitely stops.


Why does this happen?


In my opinion, there are a few obstacles

WHY you must crush your demons...

WHY you must crush your demons...

waking up depressed and tired is a problem


because how can you perform at your best if you don't feel very good?


I've struggled with this for years


from the old days when I used to work in a bank and hated going to work each day


to the tough business times where getting out of bed is a struggle (and I wasn't sleeping great either)


how can we solve this?




Each day, wake up and EXPECT to feel like shit


But have a process to improve your mood


I call this the 'crushing demons' ritual

Jay's Tips: 5 Things NOT To Do Before Training

Jay's Tips: 5 Things NOT To Do Before Training

When we look at fitness and training at RSG we always try to first look at the science behind any fact that is thrown our way. The problem with doing that nowadays is that everything can be very easily ‘backed up’ by science and sometimes looking at the “facts” just adds to the confusion.

The main issue is that anybody and everybody can voice their opinion and due to the digital world, we live in, we can all see it.

Win the DAY

Win the DAY

Everyone has an end goal when they start their personal fitness journey. Whether this be to lose body fat, build muscle, lift a certain weight or run a marathon, it is important to have these goals as they provide us with a vision of what we want to achieve over a long period of time. 

Coffee: The Ultimate Pre-Workout (But NOT Post Workout) Drink

Coffee: The Ultimate Pre-Workout (But NOT Post Workout) Drink

There are numerous scientific studies that demonstrate that coffee is a potent ergogenic (a drug with the capability for increasing capacity for bodily or mental labour especially by eliminating fatigue symptoms.) It can increase fat burning during training, heighten an athlete’s ability to perform optimally and improve work capacity.