The RULES of getting leaner

The RULES of getting leaner

Do you ever feel like you aren't getting leaner or stronger?

This can be really frustrating when you're sticking to your diet AND going to the gym too!

why do some people get good results from eating well and training hard, yet others flat out fail?


I guess this is a survival mechanism in the brain, the 'chimp brain' - which is always looking for danger. Emotional or physical.

Over millennia, rather than deluding ourselves with positivity, negativity kept us safe.

"should we go into that dark cave? It looks scary. It might have a bear inside"

Problem is, how your chimp brain 'feels' your results are going is NOT a good way of gauging progress on a fitness plan.

Here's an example…

Eat on the go and stay healthy - SUMMARY

Eat on the go and stay healthy - SUMMARY


The way you look and feel is a side effect of how you live your life.

For many people, it's easy to review whether you need to change directions in life or not.

Simply look in the mirror and ask, “am I happy with the way my body looks?”

Or, “am I living as my best self?”

This will give easy (if quite painful!) indicators of whether or not a new life strategy is needed.

It’s not enough to simply try to “eat better” or “stop eating crap”

You’ve tried that and it didn’t work!

In my experience, when somebody improves all areas of their life, it’s much easier to eat right, train hard, sleep well and feel great.

Eat on the go and stay healthy: PART 4

Eat on the go and stay healthy: PART 4

We all love to eat takeaways, pig out on holiday and have sugary desserts, and I think that in moderation this is important to do. Eating foods you like is fun and you must do it to live a good life. But some people may be choosing to eat crap all the time, consciously and when not stressed. This is typically a problem of a poor mindset, a negative outlook on life.

This presents a massive obstacle to the individuals health, and sometimes I just can’t save a person from themselves.

Eat on the go and stay healthy: PART TWO

Eat on the go and stay healthy: PART TWO


We all get stuck in a rut.

In fact, I believe the way we live our lives is broken.

People in the UK spend less than 2 hours of their day outside

The average british citizen will spend 47 years working, probably in a job they hate

The fitness media does a terrible job of separating facts from fiction.

And so try as we do, after doing a diet 95% of us will regain the fat lost within 3 yrs.

Back to 'stuck in a rut' mode


I did this once.

Eat on the go and stay healthy: PART ONE

Eat on the go and stay healthy: PART ONE

When we eat on the go we tend to eat crap. We know eating junk is bad but we still do it!

This is a massive obstacle to being a healthy, strong and happy human.

So let’s talk about why this happens and how to fix it.

Stressed & Sleeping Poorly? You’re not alone

Stressed & Sleeping Poorly? You’re not alone

I believe there's an epidemic sneaking up on us...

I see hundreds of people each year walk into my gym (not bullshit marketing hype here, I actually do as a head coach of a decent sized gym)...

....and it's time to talk straight.

YOU are struggling.

Stop hiding it.

Stop ignoring it.

You have no identity or life of your own.