Will you wake the F up?!

Will you wake the F up?!

I've cracked today.


This is it, my one rant that goes a step too far and gets me in trouble.


I am fucking sick, and tired, of people complaining about their LIVES.


Not their fitness or health.


I'm talking people who hate their jobs.


People who hate their partners yet stay together.


People who keep hanging around with shitty friends who always moan and make fun


I mean, why the fuck would you want to do anything in life that makes you miserable?!


There has to be something invisible that holds us to these things, oh yeah there is - it's called FEAR.


You're scared to quit your job - maybe missing a mortgage payment scares you, or your kids need new shoes - I empathise with that, believe me I've been through some shit times as a businessman, but it is still YOUR fear that's stopping you live a better life.



We had a great Facebook LIVE video today


Thanks to all of you who watched it!


If you missed out, it's been recorded and you can watch it on our FB page HERE


To put it simply I covered the feeling of being overwhelmed.


Which is basically being paralysed by too much information, so nothing happens!


This is obviously bad for your health, but it also makes you feel like crap.


SO here's how I deal with this (more detail in the video):

Massive Nutrition Insights

Massive Nutrition Insights

You might find this interesting to read if:


a) you've been good on your diet but fallen off the past few weeks/months


b) you suck at dieting and/or hate the process




My philosophy on diet is simple:

My exact meal plan and How I prepare Food...

My exact meal plan and How I prepare Food...

Let's not mess about, meal prep is simple....when you get it right.


Step 1) get a calorie target and macro split for your goal (go online, ask your coach, work it out yourself)


Step 2) put your calories/macros into myfitnesspal (go to goals > calories & macro goals and customise it)


Step 3) put in foods you LIKE, that you could eat every day for a year (within reason) and do not worry about amounts, just make 4-6 little meal EXAMPLES

So I got a confession to make....

So I got a confession to make....

So I got a confession to make....


I've started training hard (6 days per week) for muscle gain.


And the other day I found myself panicking about not being muscular enough.


Or more specifically, not gaining muscle FAST enough.


A lot of my clients have the same thoughts when it comes to fat loss....


Why can't this happen FASTER arghh??!!!


Anyway, fortunately I did two things to stop myself stressing and to stay focused.

3 examples of why strength training is important

3 examples of why strength training is important

Today you're going to discover:


> 3 important benefits of strength training

> how we run our personal training program

> how you can get a free trial of our personal training program






Ryan started our personal training program a few months ago....


....and he crushed 3 of our strength records in his first 12 weeks!


Just so you grasp the gravity of what I'm saying - these are records set over the past 7 years by hundreds of men and women!