Advice from JP

Advice from JP

Guess what I’ve just realised?! 

I read a lot but just realised that I never talk about what I read! So today I’d like to share a book I truly love, because I think it could help you. 

2 must haves for health, strength and clarity...

2 must haves for health, strength and clarity...

Today I'm aiming to describe what I believe are the TWO ‘must-haves’ when it comes to a fitness program. Meaning that without these bases covered, you’ll find it easy to quit. Self-deception will be rife each day. You’ll go weeks without training then suddenly feel guilty. 

Sound familiar?

Let’s jump in:


A Strong Team - some lessons

A Strong Team - some lessons

Some of the hardest training I’ve ever done was within a good team.

Many times I’ve been pushed to exhaustion by a coach.

Getting into a room where I’m the least fit, and the least strong always stepped my game up.

Now, these things may seem obvious as I write them down, but over the past few years I haven’t had a coach or been part of a team. I’ve been building Raw Strength Gym into a good sized team, with (dare I say it) a pretty good team culture of support and positivity. 

Personally, however, my training has often taken a back seat as I focused more on the business. Sometimes, last year, I did not train for months. I can point no fingers at anyone other than myself for these ‘lazy times'. But there are some interesting parts of my situation last year to look back on and evaluate, some points that I think will help you.

Are you struggling to find the motivation to train right now?

See your truth to get healthier

See your truth to get healthier

Are you looking for a way to feel fitter, to feel like yourself again?

To get that confidence and energy back?

Perhaps you’ve let things slip over the last 6-18 months, maybe longer, and you want to step in and take control again?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been in consultations with lots of people wanting to start a 6 week trial with us.

There are a few common themes I’ve noticed from these conversations. Common lines of thinking and motivation which come up with almost every person, which, if you take the time to see them in your own life, will greatly improve your ability to lose weight, make profound improvements to your health and to feel a bit better about your life.

Commit for a better life.

Commit for a better life.

not happy with your body shape? fitness level? strength? muscle tone? 

feeling a bit depressed? lazy? can’t seem to get motivated?

ONE shift in your mindset will fix all of this.


Commit to do more

You’ll feel better when you commit, go all in and really LIVE your goals.

Life seems to flow past you when you take control, much smoother than usual. Less stress. More smiles.

I DO love mindset work and believe it changes weak people into warriors

But today, rather than go into more mindset stuff, let’s run through some practical ways you can commit to your goals ASAP.

How (and why) to NOT overeat...

How (and why) to NOT overeat...

“you can do it Ant! Have some more cornbread then wash the steak down with some beer!”

New York City - 2011

I have had eyes bigger than my stomach MANY times. But nothing worse than in NYC a few years back, when me and Sara went to what can only be described as a ‘food barn’ called Dallas BBQ.

Food was served in troughs, literally mountains of food on your trough. And you just felt full and bloated after about 5 mins/2 bites.

BUT - when in Rome….you get it down your neck don’t you! 

At least, that’s what I did.