Crying in the Kitchen

Crying in the Kitchen

As sure as the sun rises each day, conflicting values stop success.


A few years ago, full time coaching was all I wanted.


Yet, I couldn’t quit my job for fear.


Fear of what others thought, fear of being broke.


All kinds of fear.


One day the pain of having a life I hated hit home.

Craaaaig Daaavid…..NOW!

Craaaaig Daaavid…..NOW!

Yesterday I had an amazing discussion with a mindset coach


He told me something EPIC


Apparently Craig David has a watch that says NOW


Like no hands or ticking


It literally says NOW on the face.


It made me smile at first


Then as it sunk in, it’s quite profound


What time is it?

when something HAS to change

when something HAS to change

Have you ever been in a place where you’ve f-ing HAD it?!


When you feel like you can’t face getting out of bed as there’s nothing to get up for?


I believe we all have had a struggle in life at some point


Maybe you’re even struggling right now.


Either way, please read today’s message all the way through, it’s life-changingly good.


Anyway - the struggle….


I have been there myself many, many times.


Short story before we get started…

Ricardo’s flat earth theory 

Ricardo’s flat earth theory 

one of the most F*CKED up sayings is


“you’re entitled to your opinion”


in most areas of life, I agree


Of course you are entitled to your opinion on things like my writing style (doesn’t mean I’ll listen haha), or your best friends dress (how could she wear THAT again?!)


When it comes to scientific fact however


Now we’re in a different ball park


You don’t get a say in FACT


Like the sky is blue - FACT


Then Ricardo goes and says “In my opinion it’s more of a green…”

caveman mode

caveman mode

the secret to staying motivated 24/7 is NOT to be inspired


NOT to watch Rocky films over and over again (although nothing wrong with that!)


The KEY is to instil a mindset of ‘no way out’


No other option


Whatever it takes


Burn the boats