2 things deeper than they first appear....

What's up Raw Strength fans.


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Now on with today's lesson...


I've lifted weights and played about with diets for over 18 YEARS now.


I've coached for 12 of those years - and ran RSG for 8 years.


But man, have I made some mistakes.


Here are a few things i wish I knew when I started out!




Don't try to gain muscle, burn fat, work on your tan, fix your dodgy knee and learn French all at the same time.


Pick one goal - crush it - maintain it whilst you move onto the next. Repeat.


This is so simple, but I honestly believe this is overlooked 100% of the time




Picture this: you join a gym, only to look in the mirror 2-3 weeks later, pinch your belly fat and sigh.


You think: FUCK THIS


You quit, go get a pizza and think 'ah well, this gym shit is not for me'


Problem is - it IS for you.


Your DNA is human DNA


But your lifestyle is more like a computer program:


Wake-up-go-to-work-then-eat-sandwich-complain-about-life-with-work-mates-drive-home-eat-shit-food-feel-sad-watch-TV-go-to-bed-late-and-sleep-badly. Repeat 24/7


^^^ you are trying to change your deepest values when you're getting into shape.


Amongst other things you're attempting to change:


> how you feel


> how you look


> dealing with the fear of what others will think WHEN you do change your body shape


> how you cook tea - what your family will eat


> how can you get to a gym - the logistics of it


> the gym looks scary - your courage/fear wolf


Then the deeper values of who you identify as, because you can't identify as a kebab loving piss head and expect to make progress in the gym and on a diet.


Guess what dummy - this shit takes TIME to change.


But you can change it.


Just pick one part of your life, improve it a little bit compared to last week, then repeat that every day.


Work hard every day to just be 1% better than yesterday


Then dig your heels in, get stubborn, do not quit and be patient with it all


* * *




1) Change one thing at a time, crush your goals and go all in on that one thing.


2) Be patient, you likely have a lot of bad habits and poor values to improve. 


3) Be better than yesterday, just a little bit.



Just to finish on something personal....


One thing I struggled with for a long time, perhaps I still do from time to time, is APPRECIATING that I am doing a good job with my work at the gym.


I couldn't see any positives


Couldn't take any praise from my clients


And I went to a very dark place, almost closed the gym a few times.


But someone recommended that I write down 3 things every day that I did well.


3 'wins for the day'


And I found this so hard my first day was only ONE thing


And that was 'I succesfully took the rubbish out today'


So believe me, I know what it's like to start a big transformation mentally and physically.


you can do it!


....and if you want help, jump on our 6 week transformation challenge link and book an appointment with me to discuss getting a place.




Have a strong day - be better than yesterday




Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington