3 examples of why strength training is important

Today you're going to discover:


> 3 important benefits of strength training

> how we run our personal training program

> how you can get a free trial of our personal training program






Ryan started our personal training program a few months ago....


....and he crushed 3 of our strength records in his first 12 weeks!


Just so you grasp the gravity of what I'm saying - these are records set over the past 7 years by hundreds of men and women!


How did we get Ryan to this point so fast?


Let's take a look!


BENEFIT #1 - Strength training finds your weaknesses.


Ryan came in for a movement screening before we wrote his program.


We tested his flexibility, mobility and basic strength.


This is important as we then know exactly what to work on.


You don't want to keep working on things you are already good at.


Here's a tip: If you don't like training something in the gym, you probably need to work on that thing!


That's why LOADS of guys skip leg day - it hurts!


So we made sure Ryan was working on his most hated exercises, finding his weaknesses and turning them into strengths!


BENEFIT #2 - Strength training is easily measured.


A few weeks into Ryan's program we re-tested his strength.


Ever go to the gym and wonder if what you're doing is working?


Me too.


It sucks to feel like that.


Which is why strength training is really important to work on because the bar does not lie.


If you lifted 80kg on your squat last month and this month it's 85kg, well that's progress!


Embrace that progress!


Ryan's tests allowed us to review his program and tweak a few things moving forwards so we started seeing results fast.


BENEFIT #3 - Strength training changes your body shape.


Lifting more and more in the gym, working on your weaknesses and tracking your progress is really beneficial to your physique.


Because stronger muscles are closely correlated with bigger muscles.


Ladies - this is very relevant to you as well.


Men - don't think you're going to look like Arnie right away.


More muscle means:


+ better mobility and flexibility

+ less body fat due to higher energy 'burn' whilst sat on your arse

+ better posture

+ less joint pain (stronger and more mobile joints = less pain)

+ stimulates testosterone release (improved hormone balance for BOTH genders)

+ better looking body (more confidence)

+ higher aerobic capacity (stronger and leaner people have more endurance)


....I could go on and on.


Back to Ryan, his goal was to lose a lot of body fat.


(It's important to note we combined his training with a detailed nutrition plan, you can't just rely on training.)


Just look at his results!



Oh, and his strength testing results?




Bench Press - 145kg

Squat - 160kg

Deadlift - 200kg




Bench Press - 160kg

Squat - 200kg

Deadlift - 245kg



All from our PROVEN personal training process:


1) Movement screening and 'weakness finding'

2) Baseline strength testing

3) Customised program written for your goals

4) Personalised nutrition program

5) Constant re-assessments and progam tweaking



Imagine what this process could do for you.


Would you like a free 2 week trial of this personal training program?


Email me back and let me know.


Include your name, mobile number and your MAIN goal.


We'll have a quick call & book your movement screening.


After the screening IF it's the right thing for your goals, you'll be coached through a 2 week trial period before moving into a full 12 week plan.


The full 12 week program is:


> 3 days per week


> customised to you and coached inside our private gym


> includes nutrition coaching and accountability


The program is only £997 (or 3x £332 if that's easier for you).


Only 3 trial places available by the way.


So email me TODAY.



Have a great day




Anthony Shaw

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington.