3 Exercises to Make You Super FAST!!

  Once an athlete of mine has a good level of basic strength in the squat and/or DL...I progress them on to some really cool exercises to turn that strength into speed!


#1 – One Step Starts


The athlete sets up in a staggered sprint start stance. I place a cone about 12 inches ahead of their front foot. The goal is to sprint 10m, 20m or whatever BUT the first movement forwards MUST be to step past the cone that’s in front of them whilst the back foot stays static. Helps promote crazy speed off the mark!


#2 – Kettlebell Swings


The swing uses the entire posterior chain…..just what you need for speed! Just hinge the hips back and explode the hips forward to propel the bell up. I like to use swings back to back with sprints. The best part of this drill is it teaches you to instantly ‘relax’ after you ‘explode’, this repeated explode/relax cycle really makes you quick!


A relaxed muscle is a fast muscle!


#3 – Box Jumps


Set up a box about waist height or higher and from a standing start jump onto the box! I typically use box jumps back to back with box squats or kettlebell swings.


HEAVY strength exercises back to back with LIGHTER speed movements will turn you into a greasy fast machine!


Make sure you have a good level of strength in the basic lower body movements before you get too fancy, you must squat more than your bodyweight, top coaches recommend 1.5 times bodyweight, so aim for that first.


Strength is the foundation of all fitness! Get strong then get fast!


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