3 Pillars of A Success Mindset

Some people don’t believe a positive mindset is helpful. These people moan about things in their life that they could control. Tear others down and get upset at the slightest hint of a ‘bad’ situation.


But imagine how you’d feel if every day you woke up with a clear, focsed head. You know who you want to become and you love the process each day, no matter how hard things get, there’s nothing else you’d rather be doing. Finally, you have developed an ability to see past the day to day bullshit of the world, and only focus on your loved ones, your goals, and being the best person you can be to those around you.


Sound good?


Trust me, you can change your situation in life. A few years ago I couldn’t  afford to eat, let alone pay my rent, I’d let my weight shoot up to 15 stone (normally around 13 ish), and I moaned about money constantly.


In the gym, I got bored, didn’t push myself or set any goals. I just didn’t believe in myself. 


I remember one day I lay in bed, debt collectors phoning me for a couple hundred quid and I was terrified. I decided there and then that enough was enough. No longer would I let money worries dictate my mood or my life. 


There are always solutions! 


Here are three mindset ‘hacks’ that I truly believe in. This isn’t some ‘follow your passion’ advice either. This is what worked for me in my darkest days.




Constantly reminding yourself that others have things worse off than you is a great practice. If you don’t do this your commute to work can become a mega-stress zone. If you manage to get some perspective, you’ll glide through life easily and stressful events will roll off your back like a watery duck.


Here’s how I use perspective:


Example a) When doing lunges in the gym, legs are on fire >>> I think, “damn this leg session is tough, my legs are burning, argghhhh I’m gonna stop the set now!”


Then I swap the though to, “some people don’t have legs, they would love to be walking about and training their legs rather than being stuck in a wheelchair”


Oh shit! 


Then I get perspective and just carry on the damn set. 


Make sense?


Think of something WORSE than what you are doing, put yourself into perspective, then your shit won’t seem so hard.


Example b) I like reading about military history - I think about soldiers in brutal hand to hand combat when I am training. Not to pretend I am like them in any way (there’s no chance I could go to war!), but to remind myself that I must be grateful that nobody is trying to kill me, it’s just a workout. An easy, normal, daily event. 


Hope that makes sense guys.




This is fairly self expanatory, but are you currently living your day with aspirational values based on a role model?


E.g. to have the love and faith of Tony Robbins? What are a few things he would do today, if he was you?




Or a classic, Arnie! How would he train if he somehow had control of your body at your next workout? Would he pick the lightest dumbbells and chat to everyone? Hell no. He’d visualise building mountains of muscle bursting with strength and power, then get to work sculpting his (your) body.


Aspire to be like someone better than you, unless you’re the greatest person of all time I suppose, then you could let yourself off.




Positive affirmations are a funny thing, do they work in a ‘law of attraction’ sense? Who knows. We won’t go there today. But reminding yourself of your goals in a verbal statement IS a tool. A very helpful tool.


For example, let’s say you want to be leaner than you are now, and you set the affirmation “I am lean, focused on my goals, and will succeed no matter what”


NOTE: Even if you are not lean, pretend you are with the affirmation, that’s the point! 


Well, let’s put that affiramation to the test against a negative mindset in the following scenario:


>> You’re having a bad day. You’re stressed, haven’t slept, you want to cheat on your diet and drown in red wine this evening. 


Negative mindset = “This day is shit, Ricardo is stressing the fuck out of me with his bollocks project, I deserve a coffee and cake at lunch, then a pizza this evening with a bottle of my fave wine.”


Positive mindset = “This day is shit, but other people are homeless and I must be grateful for my job, I want to eat a custard slice and have pizza so bad, but I will succeed no matter what, I am lean and focused on my goals. It’s only two days until my cheat meal and I’m gonna hang in and win.”


WINNERS WIN - they don’t hope for a win. They - go - and - bloody - win.


Enjoy reading about it, but practice these things in your day to day. And it is a practice, you won’t be much good at all three at first, but you’ll progress, and in 6 months time you’ll have done the work to better yourself…..or else, you’ll have quit and be just like everyone else (99 percenters, if you read last weeks article on the crabs!)


Rise above




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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