3 Secrets to Dramatic & Lasting Body Transformations: PART TWO

This is a three part series to help men like you BREAKTHROUGH the barriers and myths of training, nutrition and mindset so you can create a DRAMATIC and LASTING body transformation.



PART TWO: How to Eat for Abs AND Strength


Too often people start out on a diet and actually end up getting WEAKER.


This is unacceptable.


A great nutrition plan will get you leaner, stronger and more physically fit. So you can take on any challenge at ANY time. People will be able to FEEL your health and power as you walk past – remember, body language is the MAJORITY of human communication. Look strong and people will respect you, but more importantly, you’ll feel like a King.

So how do we get away from wimpy, calorie-cutting diets and instead move towards eating like an absolute ‘Viking invader beast man’?!



Absorb the following points into your life and really focus on being consistent with your efforts.


Also, do NOT call it a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. Meaning that what you change now will STAY changed for the rest of your life.

That’s how you get a fit, healthy and rewarding life that you can be proud of.


Anyway, let’s dive in:


NOTE – All of this info came from an interview I did 2 years ago with Nutrition Expert and Owner of Body Type Nutrition Ben Coomber.


You can listen to the full interrogation HERE, it's a goldmine of helpful tips and tricks for eating like a beast! 


*     *     *


  • Eat more veggies, eat protein from good animal sources and limit sugar intake.


  • Cycle carbs throughout the week. More on training days. Less on rest days.


  • Experiment and find out what works for you regarding how much carbs you can take in without feeling sluggish and sleepy. Some people can eat carbs and have high energy levels, some can’t. Know thyself!


  • Say to yourself before you eat, “What is the value of these calories that I am about to eat”, the foods you eat must serve health, performance and longevity. If they don’t serve these values, DO NOT EAT THEM.


  • Have a protein heavy and fat heavy breakfast to control body composition and insulin levels…..i.e. a cheesy omelette with vegetables


  • Lunch should usually be meat heavy with veggies, like a nice BIG salad with loads of meat.


  • Have protein and healthy fat based snacks between meals, like a protein shake and a handful of nuts.


  • After training have a shake that includes fast acting carbs (sugars) and protein, I use chocolate milk, it’s all good!


  • The meal following your workout is when you can have your carbs, but stick to healthier options like brown rice and sweet potatoes, and as always get in loads of vegetables!


  • Eat a variety of foods to provide the body with all the vitamins and essential stuff it needs


  • When making changes to your diet take little steps but make constant changes and slowly you’ll create a great diet. You’ll see progress but you won’t have noticed the changes!


  • Have faith that the positive changes you make will work. Being healthy should be a LIFESTYLE choice, not a 3 month trip before going back to your old unhealthy ways. Stay positive, have faith.
  • Before you take supplements, start eating healthy and give your body time to adapt. If you’re unhealthy your body won’t be able to digest those expensive protein shakes!



*     *     *

So get yourself onto a lifestyle change. ABSORB all of the info we’ve covered today and hey, any questions just drop me a message. Happy to help.


Anyway, it’s early morning for me so off for a nice cheesy omelette with some veggies!


Eat clean for life! ;)





Anthony Shaw


Founder & Head Strength and Conditioning Coach