4 Movements Guaranteed To Turn You Into A Beast

Do you want to improve at your sport? Do you want to throw your opponents around with ease? If so you need to complete workouts that challenge your entire body with heavy weights and use equipment that won’t let you lift it without a fight. With the level of competition these days, you need to bring something extra to the table. That something is the ability to move heavy AND awkward objects around, with ease.

All strongman tools are great for improving this ability; tyres, farmers walk, sandbags, heavy hammers and sleds should all be a BIG part of your current training, as well as heavy strength training with the basics; squats, bench, deadlifts and pull-ups. Check out the video below……


When you workout with these tools you develop PHENOMENAL mental toughness and RUGGED strength to move resistance at all possible angles with every fibre in your body. When you face your opponent and you know that the workouts you regularly complete would break them in seconds it gives you one of the most powerful tools on your way to becoming a beast. SELF CONFIDENCE.


Apply this to your training today. No excuses.


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Anthony Shaw

Raw Strength