4 simple ways to 'level up' your health...

Hey, hope you're having a brilliant week!

My clients have sparked amazing conversations this week about self-improvement.

So I thought I'd share.

Below are some rules that I teach every week.

Find a rule that you're currently breaking.

Try to live by that rule for a week or a month. Master it.


1) Don't waste time

> you are getting older, may as well get better

> time tracking alone could help you create 1-2 hours extra free time a week (if not a day!)

> being wasteful with time is the #1 reason people think they "don't have time" to improve

2) Keep moving forwards

> life will knock you down OFTEN

> mentally accept the things you can't control, then work on what you can

> acting like you are being controlled by things you can't control is a good way to go crazy

3) Change takes time

> your daily efforts may seem pathetic but they will eventually succeed

> the right actions, repeated over time, always gets the win

> expecting instant results from a small action is foolish, but common ("I dieted for two days why aren't I ripped?!")

4) Just show up

> most of the time you won't feel like putting the work in

> you will feel motivated AFTER you take action. It's backwards but true

> waiting until 'the right time' to go to the gym, start a new diet etc. is flawed thinking

Let me know if this helped you.

Share this with someone who keeps breaking the rules :)

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym