5 ways to Improve Training Economy

I train athletes. The sport that they compete in is the training priority. Getting big and strong is lower down the list of things to do, but still essential. Which gives us the following dilemma.

Q: How do we come up with a training solution when you have limited time to commit to a strength and conditioning program?

A: Increase the efficiency of the workouts that you DO have time to do.


It’s called training economy, and it’s a game changer if you do it right.


Here are 5 ways to add to your workout without taking anything away:

1) Add skill patterns specific to your sport into the warm-up. E.g. work on correct arm angles and footwork to practice correct sprinting technique.

2) Inbetween sets of a main exercise perform injury prevention work. E.g. postural exercises, dynamic stretches.

3) Train the whole body, EVERY time you train. Pick a whole body lift as your first exercise, then train lower body, then upper body.

4) Always progress from your last workout. Never do the same weights and reps two workouts in a row, if you’re not improving your opposition will be!

5) Finish your session with flexibility work. Static stretches for the major muscle groups. Hold for 30 secs.


If you follow the above points you will be in and out of the gym in around an hour, building strength in your WHOLE body, improving flexibility, decreasing risk of injury and even improving skill level for your sport.

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Anthony Shaw

Raw Strength