5 Ways To Win

A good strength and conditioning program is essential if you want to WIN. Here a but a few positives of joining a great strength and conditioning program….

1) Strength and conditioning, done correctly, is GUARANTEED to make you more CONFIDENT

2) You will experience CRAZY size increases in muscles that are needed for your sport, no muscles for show here (But its likely you’ll look good)

3) Your MENTAL TOUGHNESS will go through the roof. The ability to reach goals and never, ever give up no matter what is a HUGE requirement in high level sport, train the right way and you will toughen up your mind.

4) Co-ordination and body awareness will improve. You will learn new ways of moving your body, you will understand how to break the mental limits you previously put on yourself and become a better athlete through CONSTANT PRACTICE OF NEW MOVEMENTS.

5) You will always WIN. A good S&C program will be based on the successful attainment of goals. You should always be breaking records in the gym, setting new goals and progressing further. A bad S&C program will focus on exhausting you every session and lifting weights until muscular failure.

Just because you’re puking every workout doesn’t mean its working! TRAIN SMART.


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Anthony Shaw

Raw Strength