6 Steps to Change your Life

Westworld can teach us a lot

(the awesome 1970s futuristic flick)

Yul Brynner stars as a robot/android working at an entertainment park

Like the disney of the future


His robot job is to act like a crazy cowboy

Starting fights with holiday-makers

Challenging them to 'duels at noon'

The gunslinger

Turns out his circuits aren't wired correctly though..

...instead of entertaining the visitors to Westworld

He actually starts killing them!

Kind of reminds me of the unconscious mind

You see…

We can 'act' like we're on a new diet or fitness regime.

But there’s a crazy cowboy underneath it all

Which leads to 3 terrible things:

> cravings for sugar

> self-sabotage, e.g. skipping workouts

> losing motivation nd giving up

you see

Not only do you have to ACT like you're a new person

You ACTUALLY have to change your identity

There’s good evidence that you’ll fall back to the level of your identity.

This happens all the time with lottery winners who were previously poor. They blow all the money and end up poor again.

They never identified as rich people.

You have to identify (live as, feel like, look like etc.) the PERSON YOU WANT TO BE! 

Otherwise you are just acting and it’s only a matter of time before the old you, the old demons, grab you and take you back to your own personal hell (piling the weight back on, skipping the gym, binge eating on Wednesdays etc.)

here's my 6 best ways to Identify as a healthy person:

1) take pictures and measurements of your body and keep reflecting on your progress. Even a tiny step in the right direction is PROOF that you are a healthy person. 

2) learn a few healthy meals that you like, and get good at making them. Something simple like an omelette and chopped veggies. Make your own ‘signature dish’. 

3) train hard and keep showing up, this will stimulate lots of strength and muscle gains, cardiovascular fitness and will make you feel good (plus visibly change your body to reinforce point #1!)

4) surround yourself with a positive team, nothing worse than your work buddies pushing cake and chips on you when you're trying to be good - who do you know that supports and pushes you to be healthier? Get some positive friends and a coach to help you make fast progress. 

5) Train your body to move better, alleviate aches and pains and get some flexibility.  Feeling more mobile is a strange thing to explain, you don’t realise how tight/achey you were until you get more mobile! Once you start feeling better you’ll want to keep it going.

6) Have a few indicators to check your progress towards a long term goal. E.g. if your goal is to bench press 100kg but you only bench 30kg right now, once you can bench 35kg you know things are moving in the right direction and it’s just a matter of time.

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach
Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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