6 ways to blast away your 'spare tyre' for good...

androids-westwgunslingerbigsave3 Westworld can teach us a lot

(the awesome 1970s futuristic flick)

Yul Brynner stars as a robot/android working at an entertainment park

Like the disney of the future


His robot job is to act like a crazy cowboy

Starting fights with holiday-makers

Challenging them to 'duels at noon'

The gunslinger

Turns out his circuits aren't wired correctly though..

...instead of entertaining the visitors to Westworld

He actually starts killing them!

Kind of reminds me of the unconscious mind

How we can 'act' like we're on a new diet or fitness regime

Then overlook the fact that the brain is still wired as a crazy cowboy

Which leads to 3 terrible things:

> cravings for sugar

> self-sabotage, e.g. skipping workouts

> eventually frying your 'circuits' and giving up

you see

Not only do you have to ACT like you're a new person

You ACTUALLY have to change your identity

here's my 6 best ways to do that

1) take pictures and measurements of your body and keep reflecting on your progress and put a bit of perspective to your thinking, you're likely doing better than you think you are!

2) learn the best new superfoods that are tasty and also healthy so your brain can look forward to them as well as your body benefit from them

3) train with a 'fat shredding' style of training, much like my transformation programs - to stimulate lots of progress to reinforce point #1

4) surround yourself with a positive team, nothing worse than your work buddies pushing cake and chips on you when you're trying to be good

5) teach your body to move better, alleviate aches and pains and get stronger. Adding muscle is the most metabolic shift you can make, you'll be able to train harder, eat more good foods and burn them off

6) have a set time to work towards your goal, the brain likes closure and deadlines. 8 or 12 week programs are a great focus for your body and mind

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Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington