7 Great Ways to Rest and Grow

With all the great info out there regarding ways to get bigger/stronger/faster, there is a proportionally smaller amount of info on recovery methods.

As we all know, you grow OUTSIDE of the gym.

Here are a few great ways to recover, relax and improve as an athlete:


At least 8 hours per night, uninterrupted. Simple but effective.

Ban or Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol dehydrates you and takes away from your kidney and liver function. You NEED your vital organs to be healthy when you’re resting as they clean the blood, burn fat and a whole bunch of E.S.S.E.N.T.I.A.L stuff that will keep you healthy. Everyone knows this to be true, but how many of you actually limit alcohol?

Plan Recovery

Have light weeks, light workouts, easy days, cool downs, once a week go to the gym just to stretch. Plan it and you’ll do it, and vice versa!

Focus on Diet

Diet plays a HUGE part in training. I summarised the top ten diet rules previously on this blog. Read them, use them. Eat well, recover well.

Foam Roll and Stretch

Think loosening up your muscles, improving mobility and blood flow to tired and aching muscles will make you a better athlete? YEP. So do it.

A how to of foam rolling and stretching is beyond the scope of this article, but have a look on the web and start doing some!


Have a hot bath, read, take some time to meditate and day dream. Modern life is stressful even at a young age when you’re revising or competing 2-3 times a week. Take some time to be alone and just chill out. You will feel better.

Focus on life Outside of Sports

Call up your friends, take your girlfriend or boyfriend out, get a fun hobby, apply yourself in other areas to sport and you will become a more rounded, better person. This will help you relax and stop people thinking you’re a gym freak! (Even though we know you are!)


Take it easy. Look after yourself and reap the rewards in competition, AND in life.


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Anthony Shaw

Raw Strength