“99 percenters”

Raw Strength Gym exists to help people live a healthy life.


Unlike most gyms, who don’t care whether you’re showing up or not, we know everyones name.


Our members get structured programs written by strength & conditioning coaches


The difference though, isn’t the training (yes, we are good and get great results)


The real DIFFERENCE is the TEAM


All the members themselves


Imagine being part of a team


Feeling the support from others


Making new friends


All that teamwork creates a web of human touches that draws you back into the gym like a magnet


You will eventually get fitter, stronger and leaner if most of your friends are fit, strong and lean. It’s a law of nature.


Ever heard that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with?


I TOTALLY believe that’s true. I see it with my own eyes every single day being a coach.


Funny thing is, we never intended this to happen, I just ran the gym as I used to coach rugby teams.


That rugby team spirit has carried through to right now, where we train (mainly) 35-55 year old men and women who want to achieve something in their personal lives.


Have you ever joined a gym then not gone?


Or started a diet then given up?


Most people have!


Which makes it even crazier every summer, and every New Years, when people go back to the gym and try to diet even though they fail EVERY year.


I think the reason most people fail is they’re going it alone.


We get awesome results, and have such an enjoyable program because all the people just like you get stuck in and cheer each other on, message each other if they miss a session, and go for runs/cycles together on the weekends.


How does that lifestyle compare to where you are right now?


You’re probably surrounded by "99 percenters”, by that I mean the majority of people who don’t push for better things 


Most people are happy to chug along in the same job every year, even though they HATE it.


Most people drag you down, they don’t mean to of course, but they do.


This is a big problem when you get fired up and step up your positive actions.


For example, ever been on a diet at work?


You hear stuff from the 99 percenters like…


“are you dieting again?”


“want to come out for a drink this evening?”


“you having salad….again…?!”


They want you to live DOWN to their expectations. You’re probably making them feel bad about themselves.


Just like crabs in a bucket - when one tries to escape the rest drag her back in.


Do you want to be in the 99 percent?


Or would you rather be part of the select few that actually sticks together as a team, does the work and makes the change?


That’s what makes RSG different, our members are the 1 percent.


The team


If you want to join our team, you can do so, but only on a trial basis for 6 weeks.


This is a free trial


We get to see if you’ll add something to the team, commit and just try to be a little bit better each day.


We don’t expect you to go beast mode in 6 weeks


We do expect a good, honest effort and openness from every member of the team


This trial requires a deposit of £199 which you get back at the end of the 6 weeks, or we roll into a future membership if we think you deserve a place.


Email me back if you want in - anthony@rawstrength.co.uk


And one last thing, I know you likely read most of my emails and think ‘I’d like to try that’


But you haven’t done anything about it.


So here’s a little tip:


My mum used to run marathons, and now she runs Duathlons (she is 58 and kicking ass) so I have seen this up front my entire life, it’s a brilliant tip…..


She pays for her competition entry ASAP, because that makes it real. That makes her step up her training and actually do the work.


She commits. Burns the boats. She is DO-ing it from the moment the entry money is paid.


It’s human nature to withdraw from decision making and hope things will be ok


It will take everything you have, some real courage, to hit me up and ask to do the trial.


But from the moment you do it, the fear vanishes, you’re all in and fired up….


…then we go ahead and get you results.


Rise above




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach


Raw Strength Gym, Warrington