Eat on the go and stay healthy: PART TWO

Eat on the go and stay healthy: PART TWO


We all get stuck in a rut.

In fact, I believe the way we live our lives is broken.

People in the UK spend less than 2 hours of their day outside

The average british citizen will spend 47 years working, probably in a job they hate

The fitness media does a terrible job of separating facts from fiction.

And so try as we do, after doing a diet 95% of us will regain the fat lost within 3 yrs.

Back to 'stuck in a rut' mode


I did this once.

2 must haves for health, strength and clarity...

2 must haves for health, strength and clarity...

Today I'm aiming to describe what I believe are the TWO ‘must-haves’ when it comes to a fitness program. Meaning that without these bases covered, you’ll find it easy to quit. Self-deception will be rife each day. You’ll go weeks without training then suddenly feel guilty. 

Sound familiar?

Let’s jump in:


RSG fitness TIPs of the week

RSG fitness TIPs of the week

What’s up team, hope you’re having a wonderful sunny Friday.


We are getting a taste of summer now, it’ll soon be tops off time.


Are you happy with your body?


Getting stronger, fitter and healthier means you’ll have a leaner body - these things go hand in hand.


SO here are the top tips we’ve sent out this week in a nice easy summary 😃


Have a read - go and DO!

no gym makes me sad 😔

no gym makes me sad 😔

A few weeks ago I went for a run


Now this is amazing for two reasons:


1) I was anti-running for a long time. Thought it would affect my strength & muscle.


2) I just got up off the sofa and did it, outta the blue, no planning or thought.


You know what?


I felt awesome.


Normally I overthink my training and try to make it perfect.


I use the exact sets/reps and effort scales that the research dictates


But that day, I just thought ‘fuck it I’m going for a run’ and I went



Want some motivation, help and a big challenge to kickstart your fitness?


We have 10 places left this month for our best ever 6 week transformation challenge, and it is absolutely free.


Truthfully, this is all our best stuff from the past 8 years put into one fast-track program.


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the end of fitness as we know it

the end of fitness as we know it

my world has been rocked


is everything we thought we knew about fitness been wrong all this time?


If so, it would explain why so many of us fail to achieve our goals of looking and feeling better.


Here’s just a few points to think about:




We’ve been sold the dream that training at a maximal heart rate for repeated sets of 30-45 seconds will increase fitness and burn fat.