Fat Loss

Stressed & Sleeping Poorly? You’re not alone

Stressed & Sleeping Poorly? You’re not alone

I believe there's an epidemic sneaking up on us...

I see hundreds of people each year walk into my gym (not bullshit marketing hype here, I actually do as a head coach of a decent sized gym)...

....and it's time to talk straight.

YOU are struggling.

Stop hiding it.

Stop ignoring it.

You have no identity or life of your own.

Why we eat crap on the go

Why we eat crap on the go

Our body responds to modern stress just like it responded to the old sabre-toothed tiger: fight or flight. 

In preparation for a fight, or a flight, our body releases cortisol and adrenaline

This stimulates a variety of physical symptoms like faster heart rate, slowed digestion, shaking, flushed face etc. 

The problem is, we are not in great danger in modern life! 

Why I hate shiny abs and super six packs...

Why I hate shiny abs and super six packs...

You can't change when you think your problems are unique

Let me explain this in 30 secs…

Imagine any film or TV scene where someone goes to an AA meeting (alcoholics anonymous) for the FIRST time.

Everyone’s sat in a circle, and they introduce themselves by saying:

“Hi, my name is Ricardo and I’m an Alcoholic”

And everyone else says…

responsibility = freedom

responsibility = freedom

One of my clients had a revelation this week.

She has finally been able to lose body fat consistently. Her ability to take responsibility for what she was eating was key.

I’ll share her story in just a second, but first I want you to know something. 

You can lose weight. You can get fit. You are already fit enough to get started. 

Be in the now, be in the present, step up to the mark and - if you’re not happy - do something about your health and fitness NOW.

2 must haves for health, strength and clarity...

2 must haves for health, strength and clarity...

Today I'm aiming to describe what I believe are the TWO ‘must-haves’ when it comes to a fitness program. Meaning that without these bases covered, you’ll find it easy to quit. Self-deception will be rife each day. You’ll go weeks without training then suddenly feel guilty. 

Sound familiar?

Let’s jump in:


See your truth to get healthier

See your truth to get healthier

Are you looking for a way to feel fitter, to feel like yourself again?

To get that confidence and energy back?

Perhaps you’ve let things slip over the last 6-18 months, maybe longer, and you want to step in and take control again?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been in consultations with lots of people wanting to start a 6 week trial with us.

There are a few common themes I’ve noticed from these conversations. Common lines of thinking and motivation which come up with almost every person, which, if you take the time to see them in your own life, will greatly improve your ability to lose weight, make profound improvements to your health and to feel a bit better about your life.