Be productive, even when lazy….

Be productive, even when lazy….

In all of my training, healthy eating, reading and coaching clients, I've found one thing to give me the most powerful boost in energy.

I call this the 10 minute rule.

Here's the rule:

Go to work, for just 10 minutes, on a task you keep putting off

And this practice is what will help you improve the most, over time.

What do I mean by a task you keep putting off?

How to control your emotions.

How to control your emotions.

Not being in control of your emotions can have massive repercussions on your life.

Take, for example, the inability to manage your stress levels at work.

Say, somebody in your team does something wrong. Not catastrophic. But bad enough that you get reprimanded by your boss.

That will have a ripple effect in someone who is emotionally unstable. Leading them to feel MORE stress from their NORMAL workload later on that same day.

Sound familiar?

Why discomfort will save you

Why discomfort will save you

I believe a little discomfort will toughen you up

And being tougher means being happier

Reason is, we are wired for a challenge...

Not too long ago the human race struggled every day.

> water couldn't just be purchased in bottles whenever you pleased

> the next meal wasn't on-call, on-demand, contactless and delivered to your door

> you better be up early and grafting after food, water and shelter every day. Or the wilderness, wildlife or nearest enemy would kill you FAST

Sit obediently as your soul cries...

Sit obediently as your soul cries...

You collapse into the drivers seat, happy yet tired, with a soft ache in your stomach.

All week you've waited for this day, Friday, and a few moments of counting down the freedom.

This weekend is going to be different. You're determined of that. Hit the gym. Take up Spanish. Stop drinking alcohol. Take your family somewhere nice.

This is your time to step up and show the world who you really are. Enough of the corporate bullshit. Enough of the meetings. This is your moment.

You're driving home thinking of the possibilities.

Then it happens. You start to question yourself. If you were better. If you tried. What would they think? What would she say?

Suddenly, you feel your resolve weaken….

You'll get there

You'll get there

It hurts sometimes when you follow gyms on social media

And fitness celebs too

because you know you have more potential

Yet they seem to have it all sorted

You are not the finished article

And it sucks


How to Actually Get to Sleep

How to Actually Get to Sleep

Finding it hard to switch off at night?

I ALWAYS ask my clients if they're sleeping well

Because if they aren't bad things will happen

Sleep helps regulate appetite, mood and mental health

Meaning you'll snack more, feel crap and perhaps a bit down or lost each day

Not enough sleep also increases markers of inflammation

Chronic inflammation has been linked to certain diseases such as heart disease or stroke, and may also lead to autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis

Problem is, nobody knows how to sleep properly!

So today, my sleepy friends, let's go through THREE ways you can sleep bette