A radical yet 'mysterious' transformation effect...

12 week summer pic Ah, what is this mysterious effect I here you cry?!

I will explain, but first...

Macdonalds is awesome

There I said it

Awesome for what it offers in terms of ONE thing.


You go in, pay a few quid and within 60 secs or so you have got a burger my friend

Simple, quick and easy, right?

Regardless of the low grade food and ill effects on your health, I think we can all agree they're in the market for fast food

...and they've nailed it.

Now let's take a look at a 'hot' topic right now

if you'll pardon the pun

The Summer Body Transformation season has begun

Here's the thing

Unlike Macdonalds, it won't be quick

Won't be fast.

Because when you're in the market for a new body, you're in the long-term lifestyle game

You gotta work for it

Be prepared to not see ANY benefit for a few weeks

Then slowly, pound by pound

inch by flabby inch

You'll start to melt away fat

Reduce your waistline and belly

Finally get that body you want


NOT if you focus on the speed of it.

Be in the market for a long term body transformation rather than a 'fast food' type change

Now back to our mysterious effect...

The body works on a delayed fuse

It's called delayed adaptation

Understand this and you'll never wonder whether your body is changing ever again - you'll simply know it

Here's an example:

- you start to eat clean, whole and healthy foods, limit the crap food, limit alcohol and sugar, start exercising more

^ and yet you see NO change

Most people get dishearthened and give up

But if you understand the delayed adaptation effect you'll keep going

The body will respond 2-3 weeks after you've put the work in

This is why Olympic athletes train super hard right up until 1-2 weeks out from the big competition

They give their body time to respond to the effects of training and IMPROVE

A cruder example would be getting pissed on the weekend

Having 2-3 pints or glasses of wine and feeling sober

Then suddenly it HITS you

Same thing with training and clean eating

Hit it HARD for a good while, don't expect anything back

Focus on your actions rather than your results

And the mysterious effect will bring you everything you want

just not in 60 secs like Macdonalds

My clients are seeing exceptional results now, after training super-hard for the past few months

They're getting ready for the 'tops off' summer holiday snaps

Are you?

Likelihood is you'll put this off until about 2-3 weeks before your holiday

But like I said

That ain't enough time to allow for the mysterious delayed effect

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Speak soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington