a silly story about getting in shape...

every year I CONVINCE myself that I'm 'not in too bad of a shape'


I'm confident about my body and always have been


But as those calendar days get crossed off...


....as my holiday gets closer and closer....


I start to doubt myself.


I look in the mirror and start pinching and grabbing my belly fat and love handles


I take 'before' pictures and set out a ridiculously low calorie diet for myself


I promise myself that 'just 4 weeks' of no cheat meals is doable


I commit to training 5 days a week for 4 weeks


and at the end of 4 weeks, you know what happens?


I always, 100-percent-of-the-time, have quit by wednesday of the first week.


You know why?


I always leave it too LATE to get in shape for hols.


I make the program TOO disciplined and intense (READ: miserable)


I make the diet TOO restricted and boring


It's f-ing emotional to diet and train this way.


Painful to do the bloody thing in the first place


Painful to quit halfway through and think 'oh well, guess I'll try next year'


Want to know what I'm doing this year?


I'm ONLY training on programs that I ENJOY.


I'm ONLY eating foods I want to eat - which means a little more planning and googling 'clean recipes'


but in the long run it means I won't get bored of eating cucumber flakes doused in paprika seasoning (yes, I actually have tried 'that' diet)


And even if my plans for this year aren't perfect.


I'll actually SEE, feel and lOVE the results of a program that I completed.


Vs hating myself for not finishing a program that was too hard in the first place.


Anyway, I'm sure quite a few of you relate to this, so here's what to do.


First, understand that our gym ONLY runs private, group training programs for people just like you. Normal, down-to-earth people who just want to look a little slimmer and feel good about themselves.


this ain't no meathead emporium where we grunt and snort and lift weights.


We actually have fun and get results.....


There is no open gym hours. No classes.


Only private programs for people who want to get in shape and do it healthily.


Now look guys, results are what you MUST get out of your hard work and effort in the gym and your prepeation and discipline in the kitchen.


If you aren't getting results, then something needs to change.


Let me help you simply get started with a simple 28 day program:




It's £97 for a 4 week program where you'll be coached 3x a week in our awesome gym


You'll get personalised nutrition targets and MASSIVE help from my coaching team in our members only Facebook group.


If you want to apply now, the link is here:




If you want to see the results first, well here's the results pics from our last intake...

I'm really proud of all these guys! 


You can definitely achieve the same level of results, and enjoy the process too.


the next step is to fill out a form here:




then Sara will text you and book in a phone call


You'll go through our proven goal setting process over the phone with Sara, if the program is going to definitely help you, then Sara will secure your place with payment.


Then you're in!


We guarantee a 3kg loss in body fat in 28 days or your money back




So, if you are like me and always leave getting in shape for the summer too late, then this year...shall we start doing it properly?


Apply here:




Talk to you soon