A Simple Test for Success

One of THE most important things in lifting, sports and LIFE, is being successful. Sounds simple right? Well, it is! But how do you know if you’re successful or not? Or if you’re going to be successful or not?  

It all comes down to your belief system. Now you may have heard of this from some wishy-washy spiritual types and ignored it. Well, I’m a strength coach and there’s definitely nothing wishy-washy about me! You’re either getting stronger or you’re not. Which leads me to my point; Are you getting stronger?


There’s your first clue for success. Get STRONGER.


From there you must believe above all else, that you will be successful at what you do. You will achieve what you have set out to achieve. There will be times when you doubt yourself, or you think that you need to do things a certain way in order to be successful. Well, those are BELIEFS.


The only reason you think you need to do things a certain way is BECAUSE YOU THINK THAT YOU DO. When in reality, there are a million and one ways to achieve the same thing.


Here is a simple test for success. Ask yourself the following questions;


1) Am I getting stronger?


2) Am I good enough to achieve my goals? (Most people don’t aim high enough, so you probably are)


3) Am I good enough to be the best in the country at what I want to do?


4) Am I good enough to be the best in the world?


5) If not the best right now, what can I do now to become the best in the world?


Now here is where champions and also-rans differ. Both types of people will freak out at questions 3 and 4. That’s normal. But a champion will find ways to answer yes, even if at the moment they aren’t the best in the world.


Answer all these questions, then find ways to answer YES to them all.

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Stay Strong