A Strong Team - some lessons


Some of the hardest training I’ve ever done was within a good team.


Many times I’ve been pushed to exhaustion by a coach.


Getting into a room where I’m the least fit, and the least strong always stepped my game up.


Now, these things may seem obvious as I write them down, but over the past few years I haven’t had a coach or been part of a team. I’ve been building Raw Strength Gym into a good sized team, with (dare I say it) a pretty good team culture of support and positivity. 


Personally, however, my training has often taken a back seat as I focused more on the business. Sometimes, last year, I did not train for months. I can point no fingers at anyone other than myself for these ‘lazy times'. But there are some interesting parts of my situation last year to look back on and evaluate, some points that I think will help you.


Are you struggling to find the motivation to train right now?


I was not part of a team last year and was trying to train alone. Even whilst working in the gym itself (and, considering that I am a very disciplined person), I found it too easy to walk out the door and go home rather than spending 25-45 minutes training and becoming better. So I went home. 


Just know, skipping training is REALLY common if you try to go it alone. Even professional coaches like me do it. 


The good training times in my life have either been with good training partners (i.e. they show up to the gym), or as part of a rugby team. Now I am getting into grappling and it’s great to be part of a club again. I show up, get pushed, learn and get little tips and pointers from my training partners. 


It’s even more motivating to find I am a beginner, and one of the least skilled grapplers. It is helping me learn at a really fast pace. 


Now, imagine I went into a room full of beginners where I was the best already. I would learn NOTHING. 


You may feel like you aren’t very fit at the moment, GOOD. You’re in a great position. 


You actually WANT to be the least fit, weakest and least skilled person in your training crew - that’s how you progress.


It’s a common misconception to think you’re not fit enough to join a gym or hire a coach. But you won’t get fit without starting, and you’ll get fit FAST as part of a team. 


Could you join a team or find some training partners? 


It will improve your training, to the point where you will train 3-5 times per week every week. Now you can just imagine how much of a positive effect that level of activity will have on your body, mind - not to mention improving your health.


If you want to join the RSG team, we are taking on people with a FREE 6 week trial. This trial is designed to see who deserves to join our team for 12 months, only the most committed people will apply and do the work. 


It’s not like it’s hard, it’s 3 sessions a week and handing in some nutrition homework.


But this gives us a chance to see if we can help you, and you get to see if you like training in our team.


email me back for an info pack. 


Or we can discuss your goals and the possibility of a free trial at a consultation -book a time here >> https://rsg6weekorientation.as.me/FREE6WeekTrial


Rise Above




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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