A View from a FAILURE


funny thing happened to me the other day




...I was talking to a client after a session




and they said something quite profound:




"Ant, I've struggled with my job the last 6 months. It's been tough, stressing me out and got me down. I remember the little talk you gave on just DOING what you want to do and not letting anything hold you back..."




"Wow", I said




..."and so I'm quitting my job to go self-employed and start a business doing what I WANT to do in life, cos that's the most important thing."








My first thought was, "oh shit I'm in trouble if this doesn't work out for them!"








But anyway...




I realised something funny after this conversation.




I forget sometimes that we're NOT at the gym to train, get sweaty and lift weights




We're training for LIFE




Trying to find out what we're here to do on this earth




...stay with me, a little esoteric I know...








Isn't it true that you just want to be happy?




Make your family happy?




Live happy days and laugh with your friends?




I believe that's what life is about.




So let me give you a tip from one of MY many personal failures....




** The Time I Couldn't Afford to Eat... **




during the early years of Raw Strength I had no money




but I had to pay the rent on the business property and power bills...




it was a choice between eating and paying those bills




So, you know me!




I starved and paid those bills




Figured I could hold out for a good 7-10 days on my muscle and body fat stores...








...anyway, my NOW girlfriend gave me that wonderful, direct female advice all us guys are so used to hearing...




"Ant, you're an idiot"




...she then went and bought me a week's worth of food and she had my back when I truly needed it.




That was almost 6 years ago!




Now what's the lesson here?




Well, two things actually




Firstly, do NOT put your happiness second. Eat the damn food! Bills can wait. Your sanity is paramount.




This could mean you take 2-3 hours a week to go walking ALONE and clear your head




Or you smash it in the gym and get some aggression out in a smart way




How could you put your happiness first today?




Second, when you do have a BIG goal, or are going through some tough times or are starting your own business...




Get some SUPPORT




Get friends and family around you who love you and want you to succeed




...and people who will quickly tell you when you're being an idiot!




Anyway, that's today's tip.




Be happy!


Anthony Shaw  

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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