ABSORB your food BETTER to see quicker results!


We all know the expression 'you are what you eat'


But it's completely WRONG!


Well, maybe there is a little truth there.


But two people definitely react differently to the SAME foods.


Why is this?


More importantly, how can we use this knowledge as individuals to get better results?


Well, imagine your body as a sponge and the food you eat as a puddle of water. 


A good sponge will 'suck up' most of the water


A bad sponge won't.


And it's the same with your body.


If you can digest and USE the food you eat really well


Then your body can 'suck up' the nutrients, proteins, carbs, vitamins etc. and begin to transform itself. 


But people with bad digestion won't be able to make the most of every meal.


The food is the same, but what happens AFTER you eat it is very different.


Sometimes it can take 4-6 weeks to see a massive improvement in your body


I'm sure you've experienced that.


You stick to a diet for AGES and nothing seems to change


Then BOOM. Visible results. 


You catch sight of yourself in the bathroom mirror and think 'WTF! I looked fat yesterday!'


I believe this GAP between starting a fitness program and actually seeing results in the mirror is down to how your body deals with food.


to cut a long story short then, how can we maximise the body's ability to correctly absorb food?


here's a couple of ways:


> eat veggies with every meal as the fibre slows digestion and gives your body more of a chance to suck up the nutrients


> take a good probiotic tablet and improve the health of your gut (NOT a probiotic yoghurt as there's no need for the empty calories)


> eat slower, stop forcing food down your neck and give your body a chance to both register that you're full but also time to chew the food properly and start breaking the food down fast


> eat consistently, with regular times between meals.


> stick to a plan consistently, with a nutrition plan that you follow diligently for weeks at a time without cheating.


It's the consistency that literally forces your body to change from the inside out.


After a few weeks your body will digest and absorb your food better


Which will support your training performance, i.e. you can train harder!


Which will stimulate more GAINS


And that stimulus is regenerating muscle, gaining strength and burning off body fat as a result of a better, more synchronised digestive system.


So are you what you eat? Or what you absorb?


If you want, I can help you with a plan that changes the entire way you think about food for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.


aka - a lifestyle change


And that's how we get awesome results on our body transformationprograms.


It's not all about the training, after all I'm only with my clients for 3 sessions per week


No, instead it's the habits and choices my guys make BETWEEN gym sessions that really sets them up for success.


And we have a step-by-step plan to do so.


If you'd like me to review your goals and discuss a body transformation plan for you


Just fill out this form and we'll be in touch:




Talk to you soon!




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym