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Guess what I’ve just realised?! 


I read a lot but just realised that I never talk about what I read! So today I’d like to share a book I truly love, because I think it could help you. 


I have been listening and re-listening to “12 rules for life” which is a brilliant book by a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology. 


Dr Jordan Peterson, the author of this book, gives deep and well thought out advice rooted in history, criticism of various political ideologies, philosophy and biblical stories….and obviously a bit of psychological science too. This is advice to help live life just a little bit better. 


The book focuses on practical ways to give your life meaning. How to push through tough times. How to stop drifting towards your own personal hell and towards a life that is not necessarily heaven, but measurably better than the situation you are currently in. 


Basically, it’s how to act now so your future improves. 


I’d recommend this book if you currently feel a bit lost in life, or keep trying to improve your habits but never follow through. 


Unlike most self-help books - and I have read many of the classics, so I feel somewhat qualified to say this - my life has noticeably improved from reading this book.


Plus, here is a cool list of life tips I found online by Jordan Peterson that sums up a lot of his ideas - if any of this vibes with you, go and get the book and educate yourself on your behaviour 😃


Jordan B Peterson On Work Ethic


Show up on time.

Aim for promotion on the basis of your productivity and utility.

Be generous with sharing credit.

Make sure your goals at work line up with your goals in life.

Don’t be afraid to be your own advocate.

Listen carefully and tell the truth.

Eat a protein and fat rich breakfast every day.

Don’t sacrifice medium and long-term progress to expediency.

Get up early.

Do a couple of unpleasant but necessary tasks every day.

Read as much as you can.

Take your vacations.

Do the things you say you will do.

Take your coworkers to lunch.

Don’t sacrifice yourself to the point of resentment.

Learn to say „no“ when it is necessary.

Work hard on expanding and maintaining your social networks.

Put yourself in a position of strength before you negotiate.

Do not participate in office gossip.

Delegate enough to develop your juniors.

Learn to speak publicly.

Write clearly, carefully and concisely.

Buy clothes that are slightly better than you can afford.

Learn that responsibility and opportunity are synonymous.

Have an updated CV on hand at all times.

If you have to switch companies to advance your career, don’t be stopped by fear.

Fire people who demotivate others.

Let your juniors know when they do something particularly well.

Take some time off when your opportunities start to feel like obligations.

Have a home life.

Learn the difference between real work and pseudo-work.

Protect your time.

Surround yourself with straightforward, productive people.

Ask a question if you don’t know something.

Object to stupid new rules.



Hope this helps!


Go find the book, it’s deep - and could start you on a new path in life. 


Rise above




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