An easy fitness plan

Fitness has got a bad reputation:


> overly complex advice


> differing opinions


> extremely boring and strict methods


Which leads people to flat out give up.


In my opinion, giving up is never a good option.


Especially when we’re talking about giving up on your own health, strength and really, your sanity! 


So is there such thing as an easy fitness plan?


The short answer is YES


The catch is - you have to LIVE it 24/7 to really get the benefits.


Here’s what I mean:


You start a new diet, let’s say low carb.


Week 1-2 go really well, you lose some pounds.


Then a minor cheat… the end of week 2, on a sunny Friday evening, your friend asks you out for tea.


You go crazy, eating pasta, pizza, bread and two bottles of wine!!!


What a lovely cheat meal.


The next day, you miss a few meals, go out for lunch and have a small beer.


Then Sunday, a big roast dinner and more red wine.


Monday rolls around, you’re completely off plan and start making the excuses…..


“low carb is just too restrictive”


“I want to have a life, not count carbs”


“low carb just didn’t work for me”


This is what I call “blah-blah-bollocks”.


Quite frankly these are excuses.


What is the REAL reason you fell off the low carb wonder-plan?


No Plan B.


Quite simply, when you don’t have a plan B, the plan B is your old, crappy eating habits.


So you’ll either be on the plan, or off the plan.


And THIS is why fitness has such a bad reputation.


It is a MASSIVE MISTAKE to think you're either doing it, or you’re not doing it! 


Don’t try and “do” fitness for a little bit.


Make your plan B the support plan for plan A.


Make plan C and D the same too.


Get rid of your old, bad eating habits FOREVER - and you will live the life you want, with the body you want. 




> CALORIES - don’t do a diet - instead find a calorie target for your goal (ask a coach or work it out online)


> WILLPOWER - find 10000000000 ways to hit your calorie target whilst eating the foods you want (“meet you for tea? Of course. I’ll just skip the bread and have one small glass of wine thanks”)


> LET GO - truly let go of your old life, once and for all. You know where those habits are getting you, and it ain’t pretty.


Now go live a life that supports the body you want and MAKE IT EASY TO DO.


Rise above




Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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