….and then it hit me

SO there I was


Writing in my journal


[something you should all be doing daily, by the way]


I was listing things I’m grateful for


You know, to get the grateful attitude going first thing in the morning and start the day right


Then it HIT me HARD!!


A massive personal breakthrough that changed my success


Within 6 weeks over half of my long term goals were complete 


Which included:


> help 50 people have an amazing, fun, body transformation


> deadlift over 230kg


> take a weekend break abroad



Want to know how I did all this?




There’s a problem when writing goals down


I believe that when we write goals down it DOES NOT MEAN they will come true


Think of all the failed new year’s resolutions


As a whole I’d guess that 95% of resolutions are dropped after the first 3 weeks


Then the rest fail soon after that


But WHY?


Let’s take a look inside my journal...


Here’s what I wrote:


“My biggest breakthrough in the last 24 hours is...


Whenever I focus on the daily, repeated, boring grind of simply taking action towards my goal


And i make that daily hustle THE GOAL ITSELF


Then whatever I want to achieve comes to me easily."


* * *


^^ read that again


The PROCESS of getting what you want must be your goal


Not the goal itself


For example, say you want to drop 10lbs of body fat


You may write down ‘I want to drop 10lbs of body fat'


Or even try to word this more positively:


‘I am 10lbs lighter and I feel amazing’ [trying to fool the subconscious]




This leaves a zillion things up to chance


And chances are you’ll fail


SO what if we try my method


And make the PROCESS the goal


Your goal then becomes


‘For the next 8 weeks and every day I will eat 4 clean meals, track what I eat and hit the gym hard 3x per week'


Guess what?


You can achieve that goal EVERY DAY


Which feels amazing, to know that every day you’re successul




You will lose the 10lbs as a result of hitting your daily goal! 




It’s a life-changer, that I can guarantee.


I hope you take action on this and set a process-oriented goal


If you need help as to what actions to do every day




That’s where my team and  I can help you


If you want to begin an intense 12 week body transformation


Where we will coach you step-by-step to lose 1-2 stone of bodyfat and create newfound levels of strength in your body


Then the first step is to work through some goals and create a plan


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After that, if we both think our program will help your goals


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Speak soon 


Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington  

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