Are you a sad clown?



You having a beer/wine tonight?


Look, that is totally fine. I love beer. 


So first off, don’t think this post is anti-fun, it ain’t.


Today I want to talk to you about managing your stress levels.


Quick checklist to see if you are stressed:


> sleep less than 7 hours per night

> don’t want to go to work on a Monday (Sunday blues)

> keep comparing yourself to others on insta/Facebook 

> spend 3-5 hours per day on your phone (get a tracking app, you’ll be surprised, mine was 4hrs 38mins on day 1 of tracking!)

> you don’t spend time alone AND unplugged from technology 

> you have 2+ days per week with less than 20 mins activity (e.g. just walking to your car/around the shops or less)

> you eat takeaway food or junk food more than once per week (likely emotional/stress eating)

> you get bloated after eating (acute inflammation symptoms)

> your joints are aching


….or maybe you just f-ing know you are stressed!


Problem is, when you’re stressed it’s hard to change.


You end up putting off your hobbies/wants for others and forcing a smile on your face 


AKA - you are a sad clown


Well, step up. Admit to yourself that you are stressed.


Cos here’s the thing….


You are allowed to have a good life.


And if you’re waiting for good things to come to you, you’ll be waiting for a pretty long time. 


That’s the brutal truth. 


Yet you are likely just struggling by each day with your stress levels.


You’re in a coping cycle:


> ignoring your stress levels.


> Trying to pretend you are having a good life (social media exacerbates this pantomime, but that’s another days rant)


> eating junk because you ‘deserve it’


> drinking wine most nights ‘to relax’ 


Shall we stop there? That’s probably hitting a few nerves right now.




You gotta change.


You deserve a better life, and it can only start with you realising you’re in a rut, admit that first. 


Then we can start stopping all the coping behaviours 


Cut down on the causes of stress


And build a life that you’ll actually want to live


Believe me, things can improve quicker than you think




Take some time this weekend to review your life, and if anything today has hit home - MAKE A CHANGE!


You can do it


Rise Above




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach


Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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