Are you Fear-Intelligent?

Many phrases we use that have been passed down for generations are actually proving to be bang on the money when science gets involved...




for example:




"I'm not sure if he's brave or stupid"




pretty common thing to say right?




Well, have you ever thought about WHY a stupid person could do something scary?




and doesn't that imply that a smart person would get scared?




guess what...




The science backs it up!




If you get scared often, it's because your brain is running through all the worse case scenarios, and a bigger brain can think through more scenarios




Forward planning is what sets us humans apart from the animals




Problem is...




Fear is a massive block to taking action




And consistent action is the only thing that separates the ass-kickers from the losers




But does fear affect the end result...?




hell NO!!




Let's say I'm scared to go to the gym




But I go anyway, workout around big scary people




I've got my training done.




Compare that to being confident and happy to go the gym




I workout around big scary people




I've got my training done.




Can you see the difference between these two scenarios, fear and no-fear?












The outcome, getting the training done, is the same.




So don't try to be MORE brave (bad grammar/prose I know)




instead try to be MORE stupid




and just mindlessly get your shit DONE.




Ain't nothing gonna happen to you but a new, awesome body.




Fear is a leftover emotion from the days of tigers chasing us in the jungle anyway




Just stop thinking about fear altogether




And start taking ACTION.


speak soon  


Anthony Shaw

Raw Strength Gym


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