Are You Scared Of The Big Bad GYM?

Fear comes from a number of different places in the human psyche, fear of the Unknown, fear of change, of uncertainty, hell I know someone who has an irrational fear of woollen jumpers (it's a texture thing).

When it comes to the gym people are usually afraid of the same thing, a fear of failure or more accurately not living up to expectations (both our own and those of others).

Commercial gyms are a minefield for breeding this fear, any sane person would not be judged for coming to the conclusion when first entering a normal gym that the whole place is filled with posers and not a single person cares about your progress, or if you even turn up, keep paying your monthly subscription and you can be a member for life just another number on the system that no one knows.

So imagine you entered a gym for the first time and were instantly greeted by your own coach, smiling and happy, they already know your name and invite you to sit down so they can go through a quick pre exercise assessment, when you sit down the group of people sat at the bar also introduce themselves and welcome you to the group. Would that calm your nerves? I am certain it would certainly help, I have always hated the sterile, faceless image of the commercial gym, it's why I'm so proud of what we have a Raw Strength.

So just for a second let's imagine you have joined a lesser gym environment, you haven't got a world class coaching staff and support group of friends on your side. How on earth can we go about distilling that fear and ensure you don't quit at the first hurdle?

1. Do your research

Have a plan, even if it is a bad one. It's daunting enough walking into a new gym, bright lights, bad pop music blaring a host of confusing machines laid out in a seemingly random order and everyone seems to know what they are doing but you.

Don't go in blind, make sure you have a plan and write it down, what body parts am I going to hit? How far am I going to run? What sets/reps etc. Even if you plan is not world breaking, writing it down will give you that initial confidence, at least you have direction.

2. Set yourself a goal

Not just a small goal, something big, something you really want, something you have been thinking, dreaming, desiring for a long time. After all you have just joined a gym, I would imagine you have a fitness goal your striving for.

Write this goal down and put it somewhere visible in your house, front door, fridge, dogs head. On those hard days where you are lacking in energy and enthusiasm, when you are doubting your progress or simply scared to head to the gym, look back on that goal and use it as your driver to distill your fears and doubts.

3. Be accountable to you and your dream

Like I said, a major selling point of our gym is the atmosphere, a staff that cares about you as an individual but also the fact you are training with a group of like minded friendly individuals who will drive you.

But you haven't got a coach or a gym partner to hold you accountable, so make yourself accountable to your own dream.

I'm sure you'll agree that being held accountable to someone or something else is a huge driver. No one WANTS to sit in an office for seven hours a day! You WANT to be on a beach in the Maldives or in the park playing with our kids, but you NEED to get paid and if you don't run up you will be held accountable.

Think of your goal as another job, but this one is all about you and your dreams, if you skip a session then think of it as missing a pay check, we have missed our chance to be better, mark it in your Calendar and move your goal date back a week, you'll be amazed how quickly you change your ways as your goal is moved further and further back.

Now get out there, push aside your fears, ignore the naysayers and make yourself accountable for your dreams!

Speak Soon,

Jason Jones
Assistant S&C Coach
Raw Strength Gym



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