Are You Working Effectively Or Just Wasting Your Time?


Here is an interesting concept that I picked up after reading Tim Ferris’s book ‘The Four Hour Work Week’…..ok so I listened to it on audiobook, same thing!


Tim held himself and others he consulted in business accountable for their success by frequently asking at set times throughout the day;


‘Am I being as effective as possible with my time, or am I just inventing things to do to avoid the important?’


With this simple sentence Ferris discovered that productivity increased so much that he and his clients could do more work in 2-3 hours than most people with typical 9-5 jobs can produce IN A WEEK! This is because natural human behaviour is shifted towards procrastination, the infamous art of being busy without being effective.


Have you ever wondered why when you need to go to the gym, or do sprints, or do your final piece of uni work you magically find other things to do? It’s like, “well I really need to finish writing my dissertation or I’ll fail uni…..but damn, every car on my street looks like they need washing! I’ll do that first, and THEN I’ll finish writing.”


This is exactly the same as your training. You know what you need to do to achieve your goals, you do! Want to bench 160kg? Want to deadlift 250kg? Then next time you’re in the gym ask yourself the following question;


“Am I being as effective as possible with my time, or am I just inventing things to do to avoid the important?”


So the next time you find yourself ‘running the rack’ doing hammer curls and other shite, keep yourself on track by asking the above question, make sure all of your training has a purpose and is progressive towards your goals and you will soon achieve more in the next 6 months than most people do in 2 years.

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Stay strong