Be productive, even when lazy….

In all of my training, healthy eating, reading and coaching clients, I've found one thing to give me the most powerful boost in energy.

I call this the 10 minute rule.

Here's the rule:

Go to work, for just 10 minutes, on a task you keep putting off

And this practice is what will help you improve the most, over time.

What do I mean by a task you keep putting off?

Simply those times when your emotional energy has run out, and you'd rather do anything than [INSERT TASK].

Like watching TV rather than cleaning the kitchen.

You'll find some moments in your day when you are aware that you're putting off the real work.

These moments are forks of decision, you can choose to go left or right. Choose to work towards self-improvement, or choose to let things slide.

Remember, nothing stays the same, things are either in growth or decline, but knowing this makes getting up and doing the work quite overwhelming.

The 10 minute rule gives us an easier decision. A way to reduce overwhelm.

Rather than do the challenging task, just work on it for 10 minutes.

You can work longer than 10 minutes once you're in the flow.

Or you can stop the task after 10 minutes and go back to what you really want to do (watch TV, for example).


1) work on your personal goals for 10 minutes

2) stretch a certain problem muscle/joint for 10 minutes

3) read an important/educational book for 10 minutes

4) tidy your house for 10 minutes


> notice when you're procrastinating on a task, set a timer for 10 mins

> notice any anxiety around a task, or what you keep saying you'll "do tomorrow", make a list and choose the easiest task to work on for 10 mins

> learn to negotiate with yourself. "If I wash up for just 10 mins then I can watch TV."

"If I prepare a healthy lunch for tomorrow in 10 mins, then I can have a bath."

> make the 10 minutes fun. Listen to an audiobook or favourite album. Race to see how much you can complete in the 10 minutes. Make it a game.


1. Use the rule as a way of getting started on a task you're putting off

2. Use the rule even if the task seems like it'll take 2+ hours to complete. Chip away regardless of the size of the task.

3. Practice becoming aware of what you really do during a day. Notice when you are wasting time. These are the magical moments of decision. Choose to do "just 10 minutes"

4. After the 10 minutes are up, carry on if you WANT to. If you really don't want to do anymore, then stop and reward yourself. This is a skill you will strengthen with practice.

There you have one of my 'secret weapons' and I know it'll work well for a few difficult tasks that you need to get completed.

Often we put off our most challenging tasks because we're scared of success, which is simply another overwhelming thought.

Break down your success into small blocks of time, and enjoy the process.

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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