Becoming better is hard


A few clients have chatted with me this week about not being happy.


When we drill it down they're beating themselves up for either:


a) not doing the actions to support their goal




b) not being happy with the outcome of their actions. 


In practice this may look like binge eating when your goal is to eat less.


It makes you unhappy because what you actually do (binge) is not in line with who you want to be (a lean healthy person). 


Do you want the good news or the bad news?


Bad news first, right?! 


Here it is...


Becoming better is hard. It will always be hard. Most people won't change because it's hard.


For example, if you want to lose fat you must eat less than you have been.


Problem is, you're used to eating a certain way. Cutting out food means you'll be hungry. Being hungry means you'll want to binge eat. Hence the yo-yo dieters who never see results (of which I've been one, as I'm sure you have).  


I'm dieting right now as a matter of fact. And it is not as fun as eating what I'd like. But I get it done anyway. 


Want the good news? 


Doing the hard work to achieve your true values in life means you are living correctly. 


Living correctly means you'll be happy. 


Case in point: would you rather have done the hard work and BE the lean, muscular guy/girl on the beach with your friends all asking how you did it? 


Or would you rather want to be lean but always let yourself down? 


This is today's point:


You have two minds


The deep, real you - the one that desires noble goals


Then there's the surface, emotional, day to day you - the one that fucks up those goals 


Really focus on getting out of your own way. Embracing the suck. Grinding. Sticking to the plan even when it sucks.


Do that and your life will radically change. And faster than you think too.


Rise above




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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