Build a Bigger Bench TIPS

Build a Bigger Bench TIPS


It's Fact Friday once again!


Let's improve your bench press


1) stabilise your body with your LEGS, drive down into the floor as you push up.


2) pause in the bottom position to get more strength long term


3) keep the wrist over the elbow so your forearm stays straight (either tuck your elbows in or move your hands out)


4) squeezing your shoulder blades together (especially at lockout!) shortens the movement and means you can shift more weight


5) visualise pushing your back into the bench, rather than moving the bar. Your back will flare up and give more support as you push.


I have loads more but that'll do for now ;)


Go and PUSH more weight and grow!


Have a great weekend!


Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington