BULLET POINT Manual for Warriors (men AND women)

So you want to get in shape, right?It's not going to be plain sailing

Let me be upfront about that

Here's all the crap 'they' never tell you

When you understand these points

Your success will skyrocket

your body will transform before your eyes

Pounds and pounds of blubber will melt away

Muscles will reshape and firm up as if by magic

But, truthfully, fitness is tough

You must CHOOSE to become a warrior and fight on

Read and DEEPLY UNDERSTAND these points and you'll smash your goals!

1) People around you are going to sabotage your success.

So called 'friends' and family WILL try to make you eat cake at work, ice-cream at home or go on a night out when you're trying to eat clean and sleep well.

Honestly, you are making THEM feel uncomfortable.

Screw them

Who really cares?

You've got goals to hit

You've got to understand that their initial feelings of discomfort will eventually turn to admiration

They'll be asking you HOW you did it (as you think, 'no thanks to you pal'...)

So gear up, helmets on and PUSH yourself to get something YOU deserve

2) YOU are going to sabotage your success.

You have a fear of success

You're addicted to being a failure, being overweight, being unfit or whatever else

Painful to admit, and I HAVE BEEN THERE, trust me

But you must first realise that if you truly lived and breathed fitness, health, being lean and strong

You wouldn't be in this situation you are now

The WORST thing you could do is ignore this

Face up to it

You gotta ask yourself why

Why am I giving up so easily?

Why do I try to diet for just 3-5 days, which I KNOW isn't enough time to see physical changes, yet get disheartened when I weigh/look the same every week?

Why do others around me seem to get success so easily?

You are addicted to pain and struggle

On some level, every time you give up and eat junk food it makes you feel GOOD

Every time you miss going to the gym you feel awesome

You know why?

Because it's PAINFUL to eat clean all the time

HORRIBLE to push until your lungs are about to burst

SICKENING to feel your legs burn half an hour after you've finished training!

...so of course you're going to feel great when you miss a meal/session

You've just avoided pain

But you need to go through the pain to hit your goals

Yet your brain is wired to avoid pain

So suck it up, get a little perspective and push on

You do want to get your ideal body, right?

Well, there's some home truths for you

The warriors amongst you will step up and achieve

The warriors will ask for HELP and support each other

The truly successful warriors will lose battles

But they'll keep coming back for more

It's not over until you WIN

Remember that

Speak soon

Anthony Shaw

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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