Cadishead Testimonial

Jason Reid, the head coach of Cadishead Rhinos gives his thoughts on how Raw Strength has helped his team and raised a few positives of training that I knew were occurring, and a few I hadn't even considered:

- Training with a coach enables the players to focus entirely on the workout

- The no-nonsense approach gives faster results (no mobiles, no meaningless chat, lots of motivating each other etc.)

- Improved teamwork, from going through tough workouts with your teammates

- Handling your own bodyweight, awkward objects (e.g. sandbags) and focusing on technique limits injury and is very sport specific

- From a coaches point of view, knowing your players are giving their all in a private training facility gives great peace of mind, and allows you to focus ALL your time in training to skills and game tactics, rather than fitness work.

Train Hard

Ant Shaw