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Why do haters hate?

...and can we learn to love criticism?


I looked up from my lunch.

"Tuna salad again?! Don't you get bored? I'll never understand you fitness freaks, just eat some cake"

Damn. I thought. I'm just eating my lunch.

* * *

^^ this is an all too familiar scenario when you're dieting

People feel an innate NEED to comment on your life

Especially when you're trying to eat clean

Suddenly you become a fitness FREAK!

This is unacceptable in other areas of life

Imagine if you walked into a construction site....

"Hey, so you guys are using new tools and improving buildings?

I'll never understand you builder freaks, just throw some damn bricks together!"

....methinks you'd have a tough time walking after they break your legs...

or let's say you walked into a library...

"Hey, so you guys like learning huh? You're trying to grow your brain and improve your life?

You absolute FREAKS! I can't believe it, just watch the TV like me."'d have an encyclopedia to the head....

But for some reason, people can freely comment about what you eat, how you train or how 'realistic' your goals are.





EVERY GREAT CHANGE IN THE WORLD HAS FIRST RECEIVED NEGATIVITY (for example, Martin Luther King Jr and the Black Civil Rights Movement)

Short answer?

Understand that haters are a sign you're doing the right thing.

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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Get Your Focus Back

So last Sunday I had a very strange feeling...

I felt sad

Honestly I don't really know why

Years ago I used to work in a bank

I hated it

And every Sunday I'd get that 'back to work ' feeling

Which, let's face it, is basically sadness.

But right now I love what I do

yet I had that same 'sunday sadness' feeling

So I wasn't sure why I felt sad and de-motivated.

there was no reason to be sad!

...then it HIT me like a ton of bricks...

I was in 'Self-Pity' mode

> Looking at all the work I had to do in the following week

> Thinking of how hard I would have to work

> going through the hours of writing programs, diets, coaching my clients, business development work, training staff and marketing that would be required

And a ton more.

But then, that's what I signed up for when I set-up a business, right?

Isn't it funny that we put ourselves through tough times for one purpose...

To get a better life.

But we can end up getting 'lost in the details' and forgetting WHY we're hustling.

Let's go a little deeper...

On a base level your job brings you money so you can have food, shelter and look after your family

Everything else on top is just to make you happy (think clothes, holidays, nights out etc.)

And 99% of people have a choice over what they do

I know, I know - at times you can feel stuck in a job

but in reality you could walk out and nobody would be chasing after you with a sledgehammer

You go to work out of CHOICE

So you really can't get the Sunday Sadness

but if you do here's how to fix it:

1) Look at your life and be grateful for all the great things that your job allows you to do, be and have

2) Realise that if you don't want to go to work, start planning how to be happier in your work. What we do in the working day makes up more than half of the waking hours, make sure you're working with a purpose. New job? New promotion? Self-employed? Go traveling the world? Do what you want.

3) Understand that the Sunday Sadness is just self-pity - you are feeling sorry for yourself - and that is really unnecessary and harmful to your happiness because you are holding yourself in that negative mood. Choose to feel better and you will!


Instead of passively accepting negativity into your life

Actively choose to feel good and don't accept anything less!

Make sense?

This has helped me improve my life month after month

Of course this is a principle that I drift away from (like last Sunday)

But I now try to focus on the positives more often

Right now if your body, health or fitness is getting you down

Even if it's just a tiny bit

Then my coaching programs can develop a feeling of achievement and a visible change in your physique in a few weeks

Our programs include:

> step-by-step nutrition coaching. no starving or struggle, just good food to fuel intense training

> Expertly coached training sessions, with every second of your training session watched by a coach

> A fun community. My goal is to make you LOVE training. So there's no shouting, no expectation, no beasting or punishment. Training should be FUN and we have a great community that will help your personal growth, fitness and you’ll definitely get a few new friends.

If you are interested in joining, or want more info, fill out an application form with the link below.

We'll discuss your goals and if the program will definitely help you

Then we'll move you into a training group and get started ASAP

So instead of feeling sorry for yourself, today take MASSIVE ACTION

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Rise Above

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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Why Some People NEVER Lose Weight

90% of people fail on a summer body transformation when they go it alone
Of those 10% who are deemed successful

Guess what?

I'd say only 1% actually get what I call...

...wait for it...

'THE Important TWO'

(OK, that name needs some work but stay with me)

What are the 'important TWO' I hear you ask?

Let me tell you my lovely friend...

1) The transformation is healthy & sustainable

2) The transformation is dramatic

I'll illustrate this with a story.

A guy came to me a few years back

Let's call him Jim

Now Jim really wanted to drop 2 stone

to look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G on his upcoming holiday

Imagine the scene....'ve just got off the plane

Baggage collected

Sun is shining

Cool, icy drink in your hand with those little beads of water running down the chilled glass...

And the body of a movie star

For Jim, this seemed very unbelievable when he first started

So he hesitated to take my advice on nutrition

Couldn't step up his intensity when it came to training hard

I could tell he wanted more than anything for me to take him to one side and tell him the 'secret' to transforming his body

You know, those claims you see on infomercials with cheesy american voiceovers

Jim wanted me to say...

"Jim, I've been lying to you, we don't have to get stronger, progressively train more intensely and at a more furious pace every session, you don't have to eat clean foods and fuel your body and stay disciplined for 3-6 months MINIMUM...

...instead just drink this shake 4 times per day, stick your fingers down your throat and vomit straight after and then every 3rd day at precisely 4 minutes past midnight... need to dig a hole in the garden, howl like a wolf and make a peace offering to the gods of physique and muscle-dom and you'll be super-shredded in 4 weeks or less!!!"

^^^ this is a JOKE before anyone gets confused

But there is an important lesson there

Firstly, fad diets are just that


Designed to steal your hard earned cash and keep you coming back for more with NEW NEW NEW products

Secondly, the key to transforming your body is to do it long term

Imagine losing 1-2lbs of bodyfat every few weeks

That would be around 3 stone lost this year

Another 3 next year

IF you have less than 6 stone to lose, basically what I'm saying is that by taking a slow, healthy and steady approach to improving your body and mind then

You will get 'THE important Two' of a dramatic yet lasting body transformation

Cos there's nothing worse than staying committed to a diet for 6-10 weeks and losing 'weight'

Yet not looking better

Feeling like crap

And when you 'stop' the diet you bounce back to previous weight, if not heavier

The key is to never stop

To make a lifestyle switch

And if you want my help to show you how to do it then listen up

I have space for 10 new men on our epic RISE program

I'll show you how to measure your body for results without using the scales

How to link those results to your calorie intake

What the '21 superfoods' are and how to incorporate those into your daily calories for more health

More health, by the way, means you feel alive, awake and have clear thinking 24/7

You'll have 3-5 sessions a week with a group of men just like you

We specialise in training men over the age of 35, who are stressed out, unfit and have been putting themselves last for YEARS.

And all this is led by your own coach to keep you accountable

So that's nutrition, training and health all included so you can get your beach body on and rock a healthy, lasting body transformation for GOOD

This is only £199 for 6 weeks and we are already at near capacity

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Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

PS - if you want help, you can start a 6 week trial on our RISE program.

You get teamwork, support, advice and a solid direction for your life so that you can feel good, look better and live a life of purpose.

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Want a Simple Guide to Calories?

Calories are key when it comes to losing fat or building muscle, yet most people get confused and make mistakes.

I think the confusion arises because we expect what we eat to have a direct effect on how we look.

Eat less, lose fat, right?

Eat more, gain muscle, right?

This level of thinking is flawed because losing fat & building muscle are not direct effects of eating.

For example, let's say you try to eat 'less calories'

One of three scenarios will play out:

1) If you don't eat enough your body will burn muscle (and fat) for energy.

2) If you eat less than you normally eat, you might still be eating too much.

3) If you eat the right amount of calories you will maintain muscle mass and burn fat for fuel.

Basically, there is a 'goldilocks zone' where everything is just right!

TOO COLD = eating under your daily energy requirement

TOO HOT = eating over your daily energy requirement (this is how we get fat)

JUST RIGHT = eating enough to fuel your training & daily life

Make sense?

The way you determine your goldilocks zone is through a calorie calculator.

Just google around to find a good one (*see footnotes)

A calorie calculation figures out:

1) Your "too cold" zone, which is called your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

2) Energy required for daily activity (eating, moving, working, thinking etc.)

3) Energy required for physical training (running, lifting weights, sports etc.)

Let's say your BMR is 1200, 200 cals is then added for daily activity, then another 400 for physical training (I'm plucking these numbers out of thin air by the way)...

1200 + 200 + 400 = 1800 calories (your goldilocks zone)

If you eat in this zone, you WILL lose fat and fuel your muscle mass.

Basically, this is DEFAULT mode for our bodies, this is how we work best.

Your muscle mass IS your health, it is what drives your workouts, carries you about every day, and it will diminish as you age. Build and preserve muscle mass to get the body you want.

DO NOT BURN MUSCLE MASS!! Losing muscle mass is the complete OPPOSITE of a health goal.

Most people fail to understand calories, choosing to starve themselves in the classic "fad diet cycle"...

....drop calories, burn muscle mass, crave junk food, binge out, store fat, then wonder why they look worse year after year.

Wise up

If you want to gain muscle mass, simply add 100-300 daily calories to the goldilocks amount.

Keep checking to see if you've added muscle too, gaining one pound per month is a great rate of progress. So don't expect fast results. But you gotta know whether your diet is working.

Now, there will still be a few of you wanting to burn fat faster. Wanting to defy science and nature and lose 4 stone in 2 weeks!!

Firstly, forget that nonsense. It's all marketing hype.

Second, if you want to lose fat faster: train harder, reduce stress, sleep longer, drink more water.

Do anything BUT dropping calories, because you will burn muscle

To sum up:

1. Find your 'goldilocks' amount of daily calories using a coach or an online calculator

2. Create a healthy, fun diet which gets you to your daily calorie target

3. Repeat for the rest of your life AKA a consistent healthy lifestyle

Do not:

1. Think eating less somehow speeds up fat loss. It speeds up muscle loss.

2. Overeat to gain muscle quicker. You will get fat.

3. Eat on target for 5 days then overeat for 2 days. You are overeating.

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym


The best calculations include an estimate of your body fat percentage/amount of muscle mass.

We use an InBody scanning machine at the gym which accurately scans muscle and fat mass, and gives an accurate, personalised calorie target for each member.

It's Monday, has the diet started?

If not, don't worry - you're normal

Only 0.000001% of the population is out there instagramming their prepped meals

Most of us just can't do that

Here's why:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Simply put, prepping meals may not suit your life, tastes, daily schedule, emotional energy levels and about a billion other variables.

When we want to diet, the problem you and I have is MOTIVATION

Seeing that 0.0000001% prepping their meals and polishing their six packs every Sunday night on social media makes us feel like crap

Motivation drops off to zero

And you ASSUME you can't diet because there must be something fundamentally wrong with you.

What if I told you there were other ways to diet that you could stick to?

Having a personal chef, for example, who cooks you healthy meals anytime you snap your fingers

Could you stick to that?

I sure as hell could

Or you could get two meals a day prepped for you by a meal prep company.

Can you imagine yourself getting on with that strategy?

What about a lunch of 600 cals that fits into your calorie target easily? I mean, you could go out on your lunch and buy 600 calories of anything you wanted!

Do you think you'd be successful with the lunches?

Don't jump straight to self-judgement, like thinking "I can't diet" OR "I can't prep meals like that"

Because these thoughts let you off the hook

They are EXCUSES

Just stop

See the problem as it really is.

You don't have time to prep meals?

Cool, now we're looking into the problem and can find an appropriate solution

What do you have time for?

Do you have time to microwave rice and throw it into a lunchbox with pre-cooked chicken and some cucumber?


Can you go out and buy a lunch from a supermarket that fits your calorie target?


Keep coming up with strategies and stress-testing them in your mind

1) Could it work?

2) Would you stick to it?

3) Would you enjoy it?

How about on Wednesdays when you feel depressed and tired? Will you stick to it then?

Make your diet something that suits YOU

Then you'll express your genius, enjoy the process and feel more like yourself

Stop copying the shiny fitness models, they aren't you.

They have less stress, more time, more experience than you

And only a few people enjoy prepping meals too - the analytical types usually.

Know thyself

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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WIN weekend dieting....

Sticking to your plan on the weekends can be TOUGH

Many people quit

But it can be super simple!

Let me tell you a quick story

A few months ago I was running a nutrition seminar at RSG.

'twas a Sunday morning, all was calm and well

I ran my clients through basic eating, how to focus on calories and be disciplined.

Towards the end of the seminar we did some Q&A....and a lady was struggling to stick to her diet.

Sara asked her, "what are you eating at the moment? What's on your plan?"

"mainly salads"

"Do you like salad?"


No wonder she couldn't stay on track!

Yet loads of us do this exact same thing.

We presume a 'diet' has to be low calorie, boring, hungry most of the time, and only consist of lettuce and tuna.

Then we struggle to stick to it and beat ourselves up! 🙈

Stop this craziness!

you CAN eat foods you like AND lose body fat.

The key is to be in a calorie deficit*

Eat less than you burn

Now, health comes into this of course. As eating 2000 cals of chocolate is not healthy.

But use your common sense and yes you can have that pizza on Fridays, with a bit of planning, and have it fit your calorie target.

Something else that will help you dominate weekend eating is this:

Make a list on your phone of everything you crave during the week when you are being disciplined.

Want ice cream?



Stick it on the list. Don't have it yet though. Defer it.

Think, "damn this diet is hard, I'm going to cheat on Saturday, just not today"

When you get to Saturday you will be disgusted by how much crap is on your list, and you won't eat it all.

...and if you do fancy something naughty, plan it into your calories. Simple!

On the flip side - don't make your weekdays BORING.

Stop the boring salads!

What would you eat if you weren't on a diet?

Can you make that fit your calorie target?

99% of the time you can, and it blows peoples minds

Stop living in this 'fitness' box of what meals can and should look like

Make your plan YOUR plan, fill it with foods YOU want

Just make sure the calorie target gets you into a deficit and you'll be on track

...and much more likely to stick to it long term and see a lasting change

This, my friends, is how every healthy person on the planet eats

Healthy Lifestyle beats unhealthy diet obsession every time

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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Xmas Fitness Survival Guide

Worst part of Christmas? Bad food everywhere!

Best part of Christmas? Bad food everywhere!

If you have kids, this is even harder to deal with

Snacks, sweets, tubs of chocolates, cakes & the list goes on.

As much fun as it is, there's a big problem

You could end up waking up Jan 1st fatter than ever

Low motivation, caught up in the 'New Year New You' bullshit

And fall prey to some special discounted gym offer in Jan (just wait, the waterfall of shite offers is coming 🤣)

Truth is, hard work and discipline are the only ways to get in shape

So you may as well start now BUT learn to live a fun life at the same time

Most of the people around you will totally shut down for Christmas

Actually, they are probably on the mince pies already and counting down the days until they're off work

Then they'll go all 'Warrior Monk' on Jan 1st: no beer, no carbs, no mercy!!

...and they'll last about 10 days before going back to their old ways

Most people make getting in shape HARDER than it needs to be

Just live a balanced, disciplined life now and you can be in shape, and eat Christmas pudding at the same time.

Believe me, I've dieted through xmas before and there's nothing worse than being the boring person eating turkey and veggies ONLY and sipping on water.

My family thought I was an arsehole. And I was really grumpy!

Much better to plan a bit of fun AND achieve your goals.

So how could we all eat a little better around Christmas?

1. Set an alcohol limit

Alcohol contains calories. If you don't control your drinking then December will be an excess calorie month PURELY on alcohol alone.

If you normally have 1-2 drinks in the week, could you limit that because you'll be drinking more on the weekends?

Could you go alcohol free completely? You'd be surprised at how many people equate socialising with the need for a drink. You don't need to drink.

2. Stick to a weekly food shop day

99% of takeaways, meals out, sandwiches bought on the go and any other convenience food are: a) not very healthy; b) high in calories; c) easily avoidable when healthy & convenient foods are in the house.

In other words, if you don't have any food in your house you're more likely to eat crap.

Stick to your weekly food shop but be aware you'll have less time to cook over the busy xmas period. So get less of the recipe ingredients that require cooking time, and more of the lazy but fairly healthy stuff. Cans of tuna, eggs, microwave rice, microwave veggies, soups, fruit, wraps, low calorie jelly etc.

3. Cook a homemade version of junk food with your kids

If your family wants to eat junk food over Christmas, it's not a great idea to stop them. But you could manipulate them into eating what you want 😈

Bunless burgers, meat based pizza, protein brownies - it'll taste the same to them but be better for you

4. Limit your calories on event weeks

If you have a big Christmas party coming up, eat a little less each day in the preceding days and 'save up' calories for the event. This is not a way to build a healthy relationship with food by the way. It's pretty bad actually. But if you were going to drink 10 pints and have a kebab least this limits the damage.

5. Keep going to the gym

You won't want to eat crap if you're training hard. Even a tough 30 min workout twice per week will keep you mentally sharp. That 'edge' will motivate you to stay disciplined with the eating AND having fatigued, sore muscles makes Christmas food that bit more enjoyable.

6. Stick to a good, balanced eating plan

Eating what you would normally eat is key over Christmas. Those sneaky mince pies and big meals out probably won't have a big effect if you're eating well and still training.

The problem comes when people make excuses and give up the ENTIRE diet for xmas, then come back in Jan 8-10lbs heavier, feeling sluggish and depressed and then try to give up alcohol, cheese and bread in the same month. Good luck!

Be smart this Christmas and stick to your goals

You won't need a new body in the New Year because you won't have gone off track

You can enjoy Christmas AND stay in shape

Then when Jan 1st rolls around, simply sit back and watch all the fools trying to burn off Christmas.

This year - do it differently

It's not a big deal, you can easily do it, and the results will surprise you

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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The RULES of getting leaner

Do you ever feel like you aren't getting leaner or stronger?

This can be really frustrating when you're sticking to your diet AND going to the gym too!

Don't worry, lot's of people feel the same way.

But why do some people get good results from eating well and training hard, yet others flat out fail?


I guess this is a survival mechanism in the brain, the 'chimp brain' - which is always looking for danger. Emotional or physical.

Over millennia, rather than deluding ourselves with positivity, negativity kept us safe.

"should we go into that dark cave? It looks scary. It might have a bear inside"

Problem is, how your chimp brain 'feels' your results are going is NOT a good way of gauging progress on a fitness plan.

Here's an example:

Let's say you start a new diet (introducing "Ricardo's 14-day-Flex-N-Shred!" 🙄)

You're training too. With weights. Quite intensely 3x a week.

Problem is, 8 days in you 'feel' like you're gaining weight.

You jump on the scales, which show you HAVE gained weight!

After crying, eating a tub of ice cream and moaning to your mates about how you're a little failure (and always have been....deep) you then QUIT the plan.

Now here's THE thing....

Let's say we removed emotion and accurately measured your muscle and fat levels on this plan.

Let's say we found:

1) you had started training intensely and so gained MUSCLE weight

2) your diet was effective and you LOST FAT

Would you have quit then?

Hell no!

But because the net weight gain went up your mind ASSUMED it was fat gain and you quit.

The moral of the story is:


In RSG we scan all our members with a clinically proven body composition machine.

Every 4 weeks, they jump on the machine and it shows:

1) how much muscle they have gained or lost

2) how much fat they have gained or lost

3) percentage body fat (which will go DOWN if you gain muscle, being leaner is not just about fat loss)

This STOPS emotional reactions from jumping on their bathroom scales.

We can help tweak their calorie intake whether the results are good or bad.

And, my favourite, this works the OTHER way too, and will show one of our members that they are gaining fat when they lie, and say they've been eating healthy stuff.

Talk about accountability!

Here's something you can try TODAY:

1) understand that weight can go UP and it may be muscle, which is good. The more muscle you have the more intensely you can train, the more calories you can eat without gaining fat, and the more calories you'll burn from each workout, speeding up fat loss.

2) take measurements of your upper arm, neck, waist and mid-thigh. Google the US NAVY SEAL body composition method. You can estimate muscle and fat levels quite accurately.

Again, move away from the bathroom scales!

Trust your results

Remove your emotions

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

PS - want our help to get started?

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Eat on the go and stay healthy - SUMMARY


The way you look and feel is a side effect of how you live your life.

For many people, it's easy to review whether you need to change directions in life or not.

Simply look in the mirror and ask, “am I happy with the way my body looks?”

Or, “am I living as my best self?”

This will give easy (if quite painful!) indicators of whether or not a new life strategy is needed.

It’s not enough to simply try to “eat better” or “stop eating crap”

You’ve tried that and it didn’t work!

In my experience, when somebody improves all areas of their life, it’s much easier to eat right, train hard, sleep well and feel great.

When all those areas click into place, the body tends to look pretty damn good.

So don’t you want to feel alert, happy, do away with bloating, be productive at work, sleep all night and know you’re in absolutely brilliant physical and mental health? Here’s a few tips to make a shift towards that better life...

Reduce stress

We have found two methods give noticeable stress reducing effects for most of our clients.

Firstly take 30 mins to yourself each morning, wake up earlier, and read, meditate, stretch, go for a walk, basically do something for yourself.

Second, every evening take a blank sheet of paper and brainstorm all the things that are on your mind, to-dos, worries, goals, anything and everything must go down.

Then from this make a to-do list of 3-5 things to achieve tomorrow, then go to bed with a clear mind.

Remove choice

Rather than walk into the death trap of fast food on your lunch break, or when travelling, take the same foods with you every time.

Or have a set list of things you will order/eat, then commit to sticking to it.

Making constant choices leads to decision fatigue and you are more likely to be enticed by social pressures, marketing techniques and your own body craving high sugar/high fat foods.

Introduce convenient healthy choices too, keep lots of healthy snacks and a packed lunch.

You want to surround yourself with foods that are easier to eat than walking to the local chippy, you’re lazy, play to that!

Stay sane

Cheat meals once per week - pretty simple advice, but try to link these with social events, oh, and eat a little less in your other meals on this day to ‘save’ up some calories for it.

Gluten free and dairy free

Going gluten/dairy free in all your meals, or choosing food alternatives (vegan chocolate etc.) are great for gut health, which means you’ll feel better, thus more likely to stick to a healthy diet (and live longer).

Take responsibility

Finally, and the ‘biggie’ you must take responsibility for your own health, be conscious of your behaviour and be prepared to eat like this for the rest of your life.

This is done by making a plan. If you don’t make a plan, realise you have CHOSEN NOT TO MAKE A PLAN. You are responsible whether you like it or not.

Don’t try to fix everything at once, just make better choices than you did yesterday.

Another Satre quote to finish :-)


Rise Above


Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

PS - if you want help, we have a 6 week program called RISE.

You get teamwork, support, advice and a solid direction for your life so that you can feel good, look better and live a life of purpose.

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Eat on the go and stay healthy: PART TWO


We all get stuck in a rut.

In fact, I believe the way we live our lives is broken.

People in the UK spend less than 2 hours of their day outside

The average british citizen will spend 47 years working, probably in a job they hate

The fitness media does a terrible job of separating facts from fiction.

And so try as we do, after doing a diet 95% of us will regain the fat lost within 3 yrs.

Back to 'stuck in a rut' mode


I did this once.

I worked two jobs, studied for a masters degree and tried to start a business.

It was depressing being in that cycle and not feeling like I could break out.

I cracked.

I quit.

I made some tough decisions and quit one job, quit the masters degree and built the business into Raw Strength Gym.

But most people don’t quit, they crack in a different way.

They submit. Into the black hole of a meaningless life. Every day the same. No way out.


Why is this?

Humans have been removed from their natural environment and placed in air-conditioned boxes.

The natural stress of our ancient environment has been replaced with modern stressors such as work (and work colleagues!), deadlines, traffic jams, social media and financial pressure.

Our body responds to modern stress just like it responded to the old sabre-toothed tiger: fight or flight.

The problem is, we are not in great danger in modern life!

We begin to crave fats and sugars as the brain believes we need more energy to fuel a fight or flight.

We may feel the need to relax after an event (read: after a typical day at work), and thus emotional eating or binge eating is more likely to occur.


Your Job Is Killing You


Anyway, don't quit your job just yet.

Here are the best ways to break out of a rut:


Think of every stressful situation as 'priming' your body for a fight/flight, when in reality you're just sat at work.

You MUST use those primed responses (adrenaline, cortisol etc.) or your body will start to become inflamed, and over the long term this causes real damage

Damage from chronic inflammation includes:



mouth sores.


abdominal pain.

chest pain.

You gotta avoid this at all costs, and training intensely is a great way to do so!

Lift weights: squat, deadlift, do pull-ups, press-ups, kettlebell swings, sled drags. Move with purpose and aggression to burn away all that stress AND build new muscle for a healthier body.

Sprint, run, jump, do yoga, go for a walk - do SOMETHING.


We are currently loving the 'vegan hijack strategy' for convenient foods, allow me to explain...

Lots of food retailers now stock vegan friendly meals, which is awesome for vegans AND for everyone else.

Vegan meals are high in nutrients, fibre and protein.

If you eat meat, buy some pre-cooked meat (chicken, beef, ham etc.) and throw it on top.

If you want some carbs, buy an instant rice pot and pour some boiling water on. DONE.

Easy, right?

Food marketing and point of sale stuff (meal deals, supersize options etc.) is there to appeal to your emotions.

Just be aware that you could be making a better choice for your own health, and then make a choice by thinking outside of the box.

What else could you combine that would make an unorthodox but healthy meal?


So there you are guys, part two of this weeks 'Eat On The Go' series.

Train to burn stress away. Eat to build your health up.

Have a great day

Rise Above


Anthony Shaw Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

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