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Juice diets are a joke.


Juice diets are a joke.

They make NO impact on markers of health, happiness or performance

They dramatically REDUCE these, in fact

All for the sake of a quick loss of a few pounds of water weight and dropping a few pounds of undigested food (there's no food in the system, hence you're lighter)

If you know someone who's tried a juice diet

Or you've done a 'course' yourself

Trust me, all you'll see is negatives...

> hunger

> cravings

> tiredness and fatigue

When you then fail to improve your body shape

You blame yourself when in reality you've simply been conned

Fitness and the weight loss industry is worth BILLIONS of dollars globally

Do you think there may be just a few people in it just for the money?

You bet

Herbalife, juice plus and all the rest make money from distributors kicking profits up the chain

First one personal trainer is recruited and sells his clients a juice diet

Then part of his profits are paid up to his 'mentor'

Then he recruits five other trainers who sell to their clients and kick profits up to him

And on and on

Essentially it's a pyramid scheme that they call 'multilevel marketing' (how cunning)

It is Based around MONEY

Nothing to do with HEALTH and helping you get LEANER

The list of ingredients in the shakes is enough to confuse a cheap drug dealer, chemicals and sugar water basically

Your body is unhealthy, and so loses weight quickly at first, then stops - note I said 'weight' and not body fat

Instead You must base your diet around FOOD

Foods with ONE ingredient, not shakes with a hundred

There are NO shortcuts in getting the body you want

Smart, fast and simple methods, sure

But nothing life changing is gonna be achieved in 3-4 weeks.

More like 6-12 months

Let's face it, people, maybe you included, only fall for these scams because it seems easier

We are wired to take the easy option

> stay in bed vs get up for work

> watch TV vs walk the dog

> drink juice shakes vs train harder than rocky

Thing is, anyone can get in shape

You just need the motivation, knowledge and environment you're in to be based around success and support

DEFINITELY not someone who offers juice plus or herbalife to his/her clients

...and I have seen quite a few in Warrington....

Run like hell if you're around someone like this, there's no integrity or care for you

but thats another story I can rant about another time :-)

Remember - beware of juice scammers, it's not healthy, it's potentially fraudulent and illegal and you're only gonna lose cash in the long run. Start a program designed for strength, fitness, health and happiness over the long term

Play the long game and get in shape properly

Apply for a strategy call where we'll help you get clear on exactly what you want to achieve and how to get there

We have 7 places left this month on our 8 week summer body transformation

Typical results are...

Losing 1-2 dress sizes and transforming the way you look and feel... just in time for summer hols

Unlike juice diets you're going to eat whole, healthy and clean foods and lots of them with our Raw Strength Nutrition System

Plus - we have a great time training as a team and with your own coach

But first you need to apply and we can go through the details on a call

Apply now:

Speak soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

Live for Something, Train with Purpose...

Many, MANY times I've been in the gym and asked myself: "What the HELL am I doing?!"





maybe even some vomit (sorry, disgusting I know)

But my point stands:

WHY push yourself in training?

What's the real payoff?

In fact, many of my friends are financially set, happy, relaxed

And they don't go to the gym...

I know a lot of people who have played sport week in, week out

And they don't go to the gym either.

Is training all about trying to look better?

why do I train?

It's simple...

I believe that hard physical training creates energy, discipline and mental freedom that benefits all areas of your life.

Hard physical training promotes CONTINUED success, success that never stands still and always improves.

It's INCREDIBLE to watch your body perform things that 2 weeks previous, were physically impossible!

Once you ingrain this way of training, you start living your life this way too.

Every day you'll be improving on the previous day

> better friendships and relationships

> more productivity at work

> more discipline and focus to create wealth and more money in your life

> better travel and holidays

I could go on and on.

Quite simply, THIS is why I train

Training to achieve things you previously thought impossible in the gym

means that you'll achieve things you previously thought impossible in LIFE too

I firmly believe that

If you want to begin an intense 12 week body transformation

Where we will coach you step-by-step to lose 1-2 stone of bodyfat and create newfound levels of strength in your body

Then the first step is to work through some goals and create a plan

Just fill out this form to apply:

One of our team will cal you to discuss your goals.

The phone call is absolutely FREE

After that, if we both think our program will help your goals

We'll move you into the program

Again, apply here:

Speak soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

The Mission of Raw Strength....

You know that moment when something just 'clicks' ? Like you suddenly and very clearly see WHY you're doing something?

Well, a few years back that happened for me with my career as a coach.

You see...

Right now I train adults who want to transform their bodies

But I never started out this way...

I first wanted to play professional rugby

But wasn't good enough and probably I didn't work hard enough too..

I then got my degree and started working as a strength coach within pro rugby

Then started my own biz

Then trained young athletes (teenagers mainly) to be super strong for rugby

And over the past 5 and a half years of running the business

You know what?

I thought that I always wanted to work with athletes

Hell, we were even called 'The Gym for Athletes' for 4 years!

I thought it was only about getting people strong

But the reality is:

"I want to help people get strong, fit and healthy for a REASON"

The reason?

Because feeling good, full of energy and strength makes YOUR LIFE better

You'll deal with adversity and stress much easier

You'll simply USE the JOURNEY of gaining strength to Transform Your Life

When I was solely focused on sport, I couldn't see any other aspects to life

But there are, of course, very many areas that a stronger, more energetic body & mind would help you:

> career

> family

> friendship

> holidays and adventures

> creativity (i.e. in hobbies, art and music)

All of these I have experienced in my own life

There is NO reason to not have the strongest, healthiest body you can possibly imagine

And everyone can achieve this.

So there you go

That was my 'click' moment about 2 years ago

When I realised that I was training people to have an incredible LIFE

Not just incredible physical strength

Want to transform your body, mind and life?

Fill out this form so I can see your goals:

So I can understand what you want to achieve

Then together we'l map out a plan for smashing your goals

And the next step?

Starting our 12 week body transformation system where we will radically alter the way you live your life

Sound good?

Here's the form:

Speak soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

ONE Thing to Transform Your Day & Your Life


There I was, the last person sat in a coffee shop at 9.30pm on a Friday

Working on my business

Looking at all my projects I was yet to finish

….but I couldn’t even START any of them

I was just staring at a blank page

Ever felt like that?

The thing is

Today I work less hours than a few years back

But I get MORE done!

Stay with me here > >

…..because this could will certainly change your life…..

Once I realised that I had allowed myself to accept a TON of projects

without saying NO

I’d reached a state of OVERWHELM

where I couldn’t FOCUS on any one thing

Being overwhelmed is kind of a mix between excitement and terror

I could see what I needed to do but couldn’t do it

I talk to hundreds of frustrated people every month who can’t get in shape

So I know this is really common when starting out to achieve a new fitness goal

…and let’s face it

The main part of the overwhelm comes from sorting out your nutrition

But there is a way to fix it and get rapid, long lasting progress

So you can see visible changes in your body in the fastest possible time

those changes must be supported and improved by a lifestyle switch

Kind of like you’ve taken out the old operating software and updated to a new efficient system!

To do this, it’s simple

To explain it, let’s go back to me sat in a coffee shop getting nothing done….

I had about 20 projects to finish

I was overwhelmed and getting nothing done

So I just made a list of each project

And then crossed out the ones that were NOT essential

For you, this could be ‘get new gym kit’ OR ‘get a juice machine'

Nice, for sure - but not ESSENTIAL

Then, I picked out the MOST important projects

For you, this could be ‘throw away all sugary foods and go on a healthy food shop’ OR ‘go to bed one hour earlier so I can get up and walk the dog early'

By now, I had about 5 projects that were absolutely criticial

IS this good enough?

Can we stop here?

Hell no!

Can you do 5 things at once?

It’s only one, right?

So those 5 things had to be trimmed down to one MAJOR project


“Pick just ONE thing, that when completed, will have the BIGGEST impact on your goals"

What will that be for you?

Suddenly, things became crystal clear for me

And I knocked out that one thing until it was done

Once it’s done?

Pick the next high priority thing and CRUSH THAT TOO!!

then bit by bit you build momentum

see progress

feel clarity and relaxation

instead of confusion and stress

And you shall smash your fitness goals!

Not sure what the next step should be to transform your body?

Schedule a call with me and my team

We’ll talk you through a strategy session:

> set some goals with you

> show you how we’ve helped hundreds of people get into their greatest shape ever

and if we definitely think we can help you, we’ll move you into a training team

So you can have a 12 week body transformation and transform your body by stripping off 1-2 stone of bodyfat and getting stronger legs, glutes and a hint of visible abs

Plus a gain in strength of 10-20kg on ALL lifts in the gym

^ we focus heavily on athletic-type training and strength

So you'll be able to take on any fitness challenge, or just focus on watching your body get stronger and fitter than ever

Plus with our unique challenges which we run every 4 weeks, you'll have something to train for, with a group of people that care about you

Sound fair enough?

Apply here:

Let’s get that ONE thing started for you

Speak soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

Get Your Focus Back

11215883_609165265900924_6873548993220940889_nSo last night I had a very strange feeling...

I felt sad

Honestly I don't really know why

Years ago I used to work in a bank

I hated it

And every Sunday I'd get that 'back to work ' feeling

Which, let's face it, is basically sadness.

But right now I love what I do, all of my clients and all of my staff

yet I had that same 'sunday sadness' feeling

So I wasn't sure why I felt sad and de-motivated.

there was no reason to be sad!

...then it HIT me like a ton of bricks...

I was in 'Self-Pity' mode

> Looking at all the work I had to do in the following week

> Thinking of how hard I would have to work

> going through the hours of writing programs, diets, coaching my clients, business development work, training staff and marketing that would be required

And a ton more.

But then, that's what I signed up for when I set-up a business, right?

Isn't it funny that we put ourselves through tough times for one purpose...

To get a better life.

But we can end up getting 'lost in the details' and forgetting WHY we're hustling.

Let's go a little deeper...

On a base level your job brings you money so you can have food, shelter and look after your family

Everything else on top is just to make you happy (think clothes, holidays, nights out etc.)

And 99% of people have a choice over what they do

I know, I know - at times you can feel stuck in a job

but in reality you could walk out and nobody would be chasing after you with a sledgehammer

You go to work out of CHOICE

So you really can't get the Sunday Sadness

but if you do here's how to fix it:

1) Look at your life and be grateful for all the great things that your job allows you to do, be and have

2) Realise that if you don't want to go to work, start planning how to be happier in your work. What we do in the working day makes up more than half of the waking hours, make sure you're working with a purpose. New job? New promotion? Self-employed? Go traveling the world? Do what you want.

3) Understand that the Sunday Sadness is just self-pity - you are feeling sorry for yourself - and that is really unnecessary and harmful to your happiness because you are holding yourself in that negative mood. Choose to feel better and you will!


Instead of passively accepting negativity into your life

Actively choose to feel good and don't accept anything less!

Make sense?

This has helped me improve my life month after month

Do I still get down, feel tired and un-motivated?

Of course.

But I focus on stopping feeling sorry for myself and starting taking positive actions more and more

Right now if your body, health or fitness is getting you down

Even if it's just a tiny bit

Then my coaching programs can develop a feeling of achievement and a visible change in your physique in just 12 weeks

Our programs include:

> step-by-step nutrition coaching on our proven fat loss program, we will likely be forcing you to eat MORE food than ever. no starving or struggle, just good food to fuel high intensity training

> Expertly coached training sessions, with every second of your training session watched by a coach you'll be able to start from scratch and develop yourself into a lean, athletic man in just 12 weeks

> A private gym and a fun group environment, my goal is to make you LOVE training. So there's no shouting, no expectation, no beasting or punishment. Training should be fun and I've developed a program that has run for over 5 years and transformed over 100 people this year alone.

Why don't you join them?

A 12 week body transformation will transform your body by stripping off 1-2 stone of bodyfat and getting stronger legs, glutes and a hint of visible abs

Plus a gain in strength of 10-20kg on ALL lifts in the gym

^ we focus heavily on athletic-type training and strength

So you'll be able to take on any fitness challenge, or just focus on watching your body get stronger and fitter than ever

Plus with our unique challenges which we run every 4 weeks, you'll have something to train for, with a group of people that care about you

You'll love the process, and if you don't get the result...

....I'll shake your hand and give you 100% of your money back

Transform your body, or you don't pay

Simple as that.

Apply here for a free consultation:


We'll discuss your goals and if the program will definitely help you

Then we'll move you into a training group and get started ASAP

So instead of feeling sorry for yourself, today take MASSIVE ACTION

And click this link:

Speak to you soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

There is no PLAN B...

11107181_542563999227718_4301612340857319906_n There is no PLAN B...

Quick message today

Let me share the ONE thing that transformed my life

It is...

Committing 100%

^^ so important

Here’s why...

When I was playing rugby during my teenage years

I had to be stronger and bigger every year...

…cos 15 year old boys grow quick

You don’t want to be left behind

Plus as soon as you’re 16 you could be playing against much bigger and stronger 18 year olds


I’d always be training

Yet never have a consistent goal

One month I was training for muscle gain

Another month for fat loss

And yet another for marathon-like endurance

The problem?

I never got better at ANY of these things


When I switched from a fleeting focus


Then I transformed myself

How can you do this with your own goals?

Well, imagine how your body will change for the better with just 6-12 months of clean eating and intense training

Or how much strength you’d gain with a structured and progressive lifting program with set goals

Funny thing is...

When you commit to ONE goal things become:

> simpler

> easier to focus on

> more motivating

….now where can you apply a single-focus in your life right now?

…where are you jumping from one unrelated goal to another?

There is no Plan B

Stop letting yourself off the hook

Set one goal, and do whatever it takes for however long it takes to achieve it.

Speak Soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

PS - If you want to join our 12 week mens body transformation program we have 6 places left this month

STEP 1) Understand we work to a RESULT: specifically losing 1-2 stone and adding 5-7lbs of muscle in the first 12 weeks. Intensive BUT with a result or your money back.

STEP 2) Fill out a form and apply:

We'll be in touch to discuss your goals and see if we can work together

I'll Huff and I'll Puff and I'll....

EvilWolf1remember the children's story about the little piggys?

And the Big Bad Wolf?

Every day I speak to a TON of people

People who want to change their bodies

Their health

Either to feel better about themselves


To improve performance for a sport

Yet what I hear is EXACTLY like the story of the three little pigs.

Here's the 8 second version as a reminder

> Three pigs want to build houses for themselves

> Two of them are lazy little buggers and use sticks and straw as building materials as it's quicker

> Those two pigs then go and play and have fun

> The third pig uses bricks to make his house and it takes longer so he can't have fun

.....and then

The Big Bad Wolf comes along

Blows down the houses of the lazy piggys

And eats them!

The third pig is chilling in his brick mansion, by the way.

Now, I get what you're thinking... in the HELL is this related to those people you speak to regarding their fitness?


Most people are like the lazy pigs

They want the shortcut

The easy way

The fun way

And end up wasting money on shakes like Herbalife or Forever Living

Which only exacerbate the problem

Or they'll go to a gym every day for a week

Then never go again

Quite simply...

If you want to make a long-term, radical and LASTING change in your body, your strength, fitness and health

Then make your house out of bricks.

Want the help of me and my team to show you how?

Well fill out this form and tell me what you want to achieve

Together we'll come up with a strategy and explore the possiblity of working together

And if you don't.....

The Big Bad Wolf is going to eat you


Have a great day

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

PS - If you want to join our 12 week mens body transformation program we have 6 places left this month

STEP 1) Understand we work to a RESULT: specifically losing 1-2 stone and adding 5-7lbs of muscle in the first 12 weeks. Intensive BUT with a result or your money back.

STEP 2) Fill out a form and apply:

We'll be in touch to discuss your goals and see if we can work together

Smash Down Your Walls...          

603756_964300256915375_4282071973235254289_nEver felt like you can't motivate yourself to do something?

I sure have

Maybe it's doing the washing up

Food shopping

Preparing your meals in advance

Or even getting to the gym in the first place!

Whatever your problem there's ONE sure way to fix it

> KEEP on persisting

Let me tell you a story

....actually 2 quick stories, overdelivering today I know ;)

Firstly, when I was running my business 2 years ago I had a part time job in a bank

You know, to keep things going whilst in the start-up phase

I desperately wanted to quit this job


I went ahead and put in my 4 weeks notice

I'd grown the gym to the point where I could work full time


Soon as I handed in my notice


Now, let me just say that I only had about 15 clients at this time

But still, my income was cut in half from the gym

My income was GONE from my other job cos I'd quit


You bet

But I kept pushing and persisting and within 8 weeks of quitting my job

I had more clients than ever and I WAS HAPPY

^^ something we all forget about is happiness


Last year I pushed hard to take our gym from a small-ish 1000sqft facility

To our current facility which is 4000sqft

Again, we pushed hard to grow our client base and expand

But I hadn't taken into account about 25 different projects that would need to be done

> buying and setting up a LOT of equipment

> painting the walls (6m high and 20m wide!!)

> setting-up a coffee bar, which is a business in and of itself

And on and on

Whilst still running a BIGGER business than ever

* * *

Here's today's lesson...

"Every time you PUSH for something you want, the universe (or god or whatever you believe in) pushes BACK ten times harder. It's a TEST. It's something to OVERCOME not be overwhelmed by."

Keep this in mind each and every day

And EXPECT difficulty

Look for NEW problems and embrace them

Because our goals are only realised after a struggle

And the greater the goal the greater the struggle

So toughen up peeps :)

Have a great day

I'll speak to you soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

PS - If you want to join our 12 week mens body transformation program we have 6 places left this month

STEP 1) Understand we work to a RESULT: specifically losing 1-2 stone and adding 5-7lbs of muscle in the first 12 weeks. Intensive BUT with a result or your money back.

STEP 2) Fill out a form and apply:

We'll be in touch to discuss your goals and see if we can work together

Why Do We Get Low Energy Levels?

  Ever had one of those days where you just don’t want to get out of bed?


You’ve had more than enough sleep but you’re still so tired that the alarm clock has become your mortal enemy!


What gives?


For men, this is a really common issue


And more than likely…


You’ve FORGOTTEN how good it feels to have high energy levels


So stop struggling through the day feeling down




Discover WHY this happens and action steps to fix these issues for good


You Don’t Have Enough Muscle to Age Gracefully


As you age, especially past the ‘primetime’ years of your twenties and early thirties – a few really important shifts happen in your body


Let’s take a look…


#1 – Testosterone Drops as You Age


Your testosterone levels are responsible for building strength & muscle


It is THE hormone we are interested in for muscle and strength gains


And with more and more men being highlighted for horomone replacement therapy by their doctor, I believe this is an issue all of us guys should be taking a close look at


#2 – You begin to lose muscle and strength


Ever played a sport, taken a few years off, then gone back?


You probably found what your mind believes you can do is a LOT different to what your body actually ends up doing


Well think of aging as the same thing


Essentially; “you lose your skills as you age”


When we understand that strength is a trainable skill (due to re-wiring of neural circuits)


…then it’s easy to see that the SKILL of strength is lost


..and along with it, your muscle


#3 – Losing Muscle Damages Your Health


Think about this:


If you have less muscle than a few years ago


Then daily tasks now require more energy to complete


And strenuous tasks put an immense STRAIN on your heart


Hell, even things that didn’t used to tire you out could be a potential heart attack


Scary stuff, right?


Which leads me to our main TAKE HOME point…


Low Energy Levels are a result of Not putting enough Energy in!




Don’t be.


It IS counter-intuitive, I know


But if you’re not doing enough work in the gym and eating clean


Then energy levels will continue to drop


Plus the issue of potentially low testosterone combined with losing muscle and strength…


…not to mention the greater strain on your poor old heart…


Leads the body to DROP energy levels massively


Your sex drive drops (due to low testosterone)


Increased risk of heart attack


You feel lazy




Don’t want to get out of bed in the morning


And it SUCKS to feel like this


Trust me, I know.


But I now know how to deal with those sorts of days


And in the bigger picture


How to make sure that 9 times out of 10 I wake up feeling amazing and energized for the day


Consider that I get up at 4:30am most of the time and run a company too


You’d think I’d be tired and have no energy


But my training is better than ever


I’ve just set personal records in ALL of my lifts at the gym


…and I feel happy, relaxed and ready to work each day (or at least have the energy to push myself when I don’t feel up to working or training)


Want to learn how to achieve the same levels of energy?


How to improve your health and actually build muscle and strength to set yourself up for an awesome life in your 40s, 50s and beyond?


Well, wait for part two where we’ll be delving into some cool things so you can learn how to drop body fat quickly


So you can have HUGE energy levels and happiness each day


AND how you can become stronger and more muscular now, than when you were in your twenties…


Here’s what we’ll learn in part two:


> what we do on BUILT, our mens body transformation program, to counteract the ageing process…


> the hidden factors you may be neglecting right now that will improve your discipline 10 times over with diet, training and making lifestyle changes…


> how to easily put MORE effort into your gym program and to consistently train over the next 2-3 months, without feeling ‘lost & confused’ and without missing a session


Talk to you soon


Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington

The Crow Of Destiny... FLEW at my head, scaring the crap out of me and ominously barked out a warning..... Funny story..

Took a walk yesterday

In my favourite park near my house

LOVE listening to the birds

Sitting in the cool Japanese Garden section

...and just relaxing for 20 mins or so every day

^^ really important to do for stress levels by the way!


Yesterday was WAY different

A crow was perched in a tree

I walked past

And it crawed, barked, chirped

- or whatever the hell it's called when a crow makes a crow noise -

And I think nothing of it

Just carry on my chilled out walk

Then the crow appears again and aggressively calls out again

I look up

It flares it's wings and starts banging it's beak on the tree

* click * click * click *

A little bit freaky as pretty sure a Crow is a BAD omen...

It was going so mad at me I try and take a photo on my phone

Damn thing runs out of battery!

So I again, think nothing of it and walk off

Crow appears once more

Again I walk off

But THEN!!!

It swoops down towards me as I walk away

and I'm pretty scared of birds

I can't even walk past the geese next to the local canal!

And this thing DIVEBOMBS me then flies back up to it's tree

So needless to say I am terrified

I poop myself

and left the park double time!

Funny thing is

it got me thinking

About omens, signs, superstitions

Whatever you wanna call it

Aren't these just ways we try to explain LIFE to ourselves?

Especially when things are UNCERTAIN


Where there is uncertainty there is fear

Not sure if you're losing weight at the moment?

You're scared/worried about it

Not sure if you're getting stronger and fitter?

You're scared/worried about it

So you start making up signs and omens of progress

Such as:

> The dreaded scales

> Your partners comments

> The size of your clothes

But you forget that

> the scales measures muscle, water, undigested food AND body fat, it's unreliable

> others comments only reflect opinion, not fact

>the size of clothes differs greatly depending on garments, manufacturers and, for example with jeans, whether they're worn-in or freshly cleaned So today's lesson: Stop looking for signs, omens and those 'black crows'

Start looking for ways to measure your success and KNOW for certain you're making progress

Then you'll be confident

Then you'll feel like every day you're making a change

Then motivation and drive comes EASY

WE teach our clients a very specific way of tracking day to day nutrition

and also bodyfat and body shape targets too

Want to learn how?

Well it's for 'members only' but we have our last few places going this month

Unless I decide to open more training sessions, which I may to

But on our current schedule, we're onto our last 5 male and last 20 female places

How's that for honesty

So if you want to be part of our program

And find clarity and certainty in what you do

Then apply here for a free consultation call and Sue will take you through the goal setting process:

and then if the program fits your goals

She will move you into a program to start immediately

We're here to help

Speak soon

Anthony Shaw

Head Coach Raw Strength Gym, warrington