Comfort = Laziness and lost goals

It's very easy to get comfortable in life.


Every time I've gained fat, it's due to getting comfortable.


Every time I've taken a step backwards in business, it's due to getting comfortable.


....and I'm sure we all know what happens when you get comfortable in a relationship!


Comfort breeds laziness.


Laziness is a lovely, warm, fuzzy feeling that holds us back.


It's the silent killer of dreams.


It's the demon that keeps you in a job you hate for a few too many years.


It's the voice explaining why you deserve another slice of cake when you've been sat on your arse all day.


It's the single biggest hurdle to overcome in strength training, because why squat 120kg when 100kg is 'good enough'?


Are you satisfied with your body right now?


Are you happy with your fitness levels?


Do you want to look in the mirror and feel unhappy yet explain those feelings away with 'good enough' and a shrug?


I don't either.


So here are a few things I do when I recognise I'm getting comfortable (lazy)....


1) Write the goal down.


I can't tell you how miserable it makes me to sit down, write down a goal and realise that if I'd just pushed myself a bit harder over the past few months, I'd already have achieved my goal.


Perhaps we all want to avoid that feeling. Maybe, fearing self-criticism, we never review our goals.


But you MUST write down what you want, put a deadline on it and get after it.


Don't be too hard on yourself. Achieving your goal eventually is infinitely better than never achieving it!



2) Get up earlier.


A sure sign that I'm getting comfortable and lazy is having a lie in.


Waking myself up at 4, 5 or 6am is perfect.


I have more time to work on my goals.


But I've also woken up many times without a plan, confused and depressed.... so make sure you write your bloody goals down!



3) Eat every 3 hours.


I don't know why this works so well for me.


I suppose I skip meals when I'm being lazy.


So focusing on eating every 3 hours reminds me that I'm only human, I can't go 5-7 hours without eating every day and expect to function on a high level.




Undereating destroys my energy levels, as does stuffing my face when I'm really hungry. BOTH scenarios reduce my energy and increase likelihood of laziness!



Pretty simple actions, so simple I often overlook them myself.


But writing my goals down, getting up early and eating every 3 hours gets my discipline and my focus back.


So it's now over to you.


Have you got written goals? Yes I'm sure you have something in your head, but be it written down?




Are you getting up early? Or lounging in bed and hitting the snooze button? We all love sleep. But time is valuable, better to invest it into your goals.




Are you eating to support your day? Or grabbing whatever food is most convenient, even skipping meals?