Commit for a better life.


not happy with your body shape? fitness level? strength? muscle tone? 


feeling a bit depressed? lazy? can’t seem to get motivated?


ONE shift in your mindset will fix all of this.




Commit to do more


You’ll feel better when you commit, go all in and really LIVE your goals.


Life seems to flow past you when you take control, much smoother than usual. Less stress. More smiles.


I DO love mindset work and believe it changes weak people into warriors


But today, rather than go into more mindset stuff, let’s run through some practical ways you can commit to your goals ASAP.


Here are some ideas.


> Commit to doing just 10 press-ups every day before bed


> Set a bed time and stick to it. 7 hours of sleep minimum.


> Learn one challenging yoga move and practice it today, then every day for a week. Then pick a new move. Repeat.


> Set an afternoon ritual, about 1-3pm when everyones energy seems to take a nose dive > BE DIFFERENT > you will go for a walk, breathe deeply, turn your phone off, disconnect, think about stuff you’re looking forward to (meals with friends, holidays, concerts, going home this evening and watching TV) then go back to work and execute that to-do list like a boss


> Every day ask yourself  “have I honestly done all I can to achieve my goal?” if not, get your shoes on and go for a run/walk/cycle/swim/100 burpees 


> Every day watch your actions “am I acting like the person I want to become?”  If not, change it. You already know what to do**


> Stop drinking alcohol. Read about the negative affects on your health. Educate yourself.


> Get myfitnesspal on your phone and see how many calories you are already consuming. Put in yesterdays meals. Track todays meals. You’ll begin to learn and adjust your habits. 


> Learn bodyweight strength movements and do 2-5 sets of your weak points 2-7 days per week. Practice makes you stronger. 


> Read about the bodybuilding greats, pro-athletes, military training/history books, adventurers - be inspired by people who live strong, healthy lives. 




Commit anyway you can.


Re-commit every day


That’s how to live a strong, fit life


It is not complicated.


It does require discipline.


And yeh, you will have days that you can’t ‘do the diet’ or you can’t ‘hit the gym. So what? Everybody else has those days too. 


The difference is every day, successful people wake up and go back to a daily focus on the appropriate actions that they know will bring their goals to life.






Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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