Craaaaig Daaavid…..NOW!


Yesterday I had an amazing discussion with a mindset coach


He told me something EPIC


Apparently Craig David has a watch that says NOW


Like no hands or ticking


It literally says NOW on the face.


It made me smile at first


Then as it sunk in, it’s quite profound


What time is it?


It is always now, this moment, forever.


Time is something we idiots made to help us understand life


But it’s not really there


Time actually makes us slaves.


Wake up. Get kids ready for school. Eat. Coffee. Drive to work. Hate work. Check Facebook. Work. Cup of tea. Check Facebook. Hate work but work anyway. Meeting. Meeting. Phone call. Sandwich. Drive home. Talk to family. TV. Wine. Bed. REPEAT.


A slave to some concept of the future.


But there ain’t no future guys


I actually wrote yesterdays message about how I was scared to quit my day job to work on the gym full time


There wasn’t a good time. I just got some courage one day and did it.


I lived in the moment then


It was NOW then


It is NOW now


It will be NOW tomorrow


So basically, today’s message is STOP PUTTING OFF THE SHIT YOU  NEED TO DO


Oh, and Craig David’s a bit of a legend, successful, rich….probably happy….what a guy. 


I’m off to buy a watch that says NOW!


What are you going to DO in this moment to improve your life?


Future does not exist


Rise Above




Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym



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Do something NOW to live the good life - or you’ll be yet another of our ‘shadow watchers.’ Those who lurk forever. Life slams the gate shut behind them, age makes it impossible to go back. One life my friends, let’s get started NOW.