Crying in the Kitchen

As sure as the sun rises each day, conflicting values stop success.


A few years ago, full time coaching was all I wanted.


Yet, I couldn’t quit my job for fear.


Fear of what others thought, fear of being broke.


All kinds of fear.


One day the pain of having a life I hated hit home.


I broke down in tears in the kitchen.


Feeling like shit every Monday wasn’t working for me.


So I quit my job. Put it all on black and spun the wheel.


That was over 4 years ago now, yet it took me 4 years to make the jump.




I was scared of failing, yes.


But let’s look beyond the obvious here and go deeper.


I was measuring my success by the wrong metrics.


The right time to quit my job did not exist, but I tried to measure it.


The faulty metric I used was ‘how many clients do I have’?


At the time I highly valued a secure salary.


Yet running a business requires a propensity for risk.


Put that together and you have:


> a daily battle with fear and feelings of inadequacy 


> an un-winnable battle to get ‘enough’ clients as the time was never right


> an unwillingness to accept risk and lose financial security 


And what did I have with all these faulty values?


A dream unfulfilled, a life unlived, a shit mood every day and a life I would have traded with anyone just to escape.


Before I could achieve my dream of coaching full time I had to change my values.


I had to face my fears (previous value was to avoid fear)


I had to accept risk (previous value was security)


I had to accept NOW as the right time to live my life (previous value was waiting for the ‘right time’)


From avoidance, security and waiting.


To courage, risk and living in the moment.


My life has never been the same and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


What values are you holding onto that are stopping you living your dream?


Perhaps you want to get leaner and healthier but you value drinking and having a takeaway?


Perhaps you want to be strong and muscular but you value watching netflix every day?


Challenge your values


Question your assumptions


Live your life NOW


If you want any help getting started with good habits, learning to lift weights, joining a team of inspirational people and having expert coaching every single session in our private gym, then email me back, tell me you’re interested in learning more


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> how to live with purpose and feel happier each day


Drop me a line


Talk to you soon






Anthony Shaw

Head Coach


Raw Strength Gym