Daily Meal Prep for BEAST Athletes

Eating correctly is a HUGE part of becoming a better ATHLETE, but modern life often gets in the way. Going to school or your job takes up the best part of each weekday and it’s likely that you can’t stop every 2-3 hours for a quality feed! So what’s the solution?  

Set aside some time each morning to prepare all your days meals in advance, whilst you’re cooking your breakfast, throw together a nutritious lunch and make a few snacks. Once a week you can make a HUGE batch of chilli or stew and then freeze portions of it to reheat every night for your tea.


Taking the time to prepare your meals will save you time and MONEY! When you’re surrounded by quick and healthy meals it will be TEN TIMES easier to get to your performance goals!


In this video I show you how I do it every single day. In less than ten minutes I’ve made a BIG breakfast of scrambled eggs, veggies, ham and cheese…a healthy salad for lunch with chicken, lettuce, avocado and olives and then a protein shake + fish oil and a handful of almonds for my snack. EASY AND EFFECTIVE! Get watching…..


Watch the video, work out what you wanna eat for breakfast, lunch and snacks, go to the shops and buy the ingredients and then put the whole plan into action as a lifestyle change starting tomorrow morning. TAKE ACTION!


No one else can make you stick to your diet and goals, so make it easy on yourself with this plan.


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