Daniel – 25 - Private Coaching Client

DanielI’ve been a member of Raw Strength for 18 months, before that time I didn’t train at all. I don't currently participate in any sports but I am looking into getting involved in powerlifting and/or strongman events. My first impression of the gym was that it looks a lot more basic than your average gym but after being there for a while you realise that all the equipment is there for one purpose, to get you stronger. The gym has a really motivated and intense atmosphere which I really enjoy. There is also the high standard of coaching that is provided by Anthony, which for me is what really sets this gym apart.

I have already achieved a lot of personal goals, such as squatting twice my body weight which I can now comfortably do with only 18 months of training! I'm making great gains and achieving new goals and I'm very excited to see where this will go.

I choose to pay my membership to Raw strength even though I work for a leisure company where there are several gyms that I could train in for free and I think that this says a lot about how good Raw Strength Gym has been for me and why I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about improving their athletic performance.