Death of The Holiday Diet

I overheard something CRAZY yesterday


Yet thinking about it, it’s a phrase I hear ALL the damn time


Maybe you’ve even said it…..?


“I’m going on holiday in 6 weeks, better start going to the gym”




This is classic lazy human behaviour


But just cos we all crash diet doesn’t make it right


Reason being, MOMENTUM always wins…


6-12 weeks of being Rocky Balboa will not reverse 40-odd weeks of being unhealthy


It’s like being overdrawn on your bank account


You have to put money in just to get your balance back to ZERO


Or performing a hill start when your car is rolling backwards


You have to put your foot down just to get your car to stand STILL


Many of you will be EXTREMELY, MASSIVELY ‘overdrawn’ in fitness


> poor mobility and flexibility


> poor muscle mass


> high levels of body fat


> poor posture


> poor response to food (as hormones out of balance)




it may take 6-12 months to reverse the damage


….here comes the (more) painful part…


You don’t have a way round this! 


You can’t bypass this fact at all


There is not a diet in the world that will correct a serious hormonal imbalance in 6 weeks


Or cure super fatigued adrenal glands in 4 weeks


The crash diet is DEAD


Rather than live an unhealthy life and try to reverse momentum in 6 weeks


Wouldn’t you prefer to live a healthy life with a few drinks on the weekend?


And enjoy a guilt free and SHAME free holiday where you can eat what you like before the holiday (because you’re already in shape)


Enjoy the time whilst you are away (because your body looks great)


And enjoy your time when you’re back (because you aren’t living with the shame of being seen in your swimsuit and NOT seen on any of the photos)


That’s a real break, a rejuvenating holiday


Not stress before, during and after


And it’s bigger than holidays too remember


Being healthy IMPROVES how your kids look up to you


Being healthy IMPROVES what your boss or clients think of you


Being healthy IMPROVES how you think of yourself!


And most importantly, being healthy IMPROVES what you can give back to your loved ones


And I know, I KNOW….


You may want to ignore this message


Think that ‘it’s too late in the year’ to take action


But remember what I said about momentum and 6-12 months of effort just to get your body back to a baseline level of health?


so YES, it is the right time of year to talk about this


Want help to sort your life out?


Email me at and let’s talk about your goals


And we can discuss which of our 6 private body transformation programs is right for you


Go take ACTION!


Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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