Denver Omelette [LAZY BUT LEAN]


Denver Omelette


Stolen from Jay’s time in the Mile High City, a healthy energy filled omelette which got him through a long arduous lacrosse tournament


a great balance of Carbs, Fats and Proteins to fuel your workouts.




1 Tablespoon Grass Fed Butter

40g Chopped Onions

40g Chopped Red Pepper

40g Chopped Green Pepper

½ Teaspoon Minced Garlic

40g Diced Cooked Ham or Bacon

2 Large Eggs

¼ Teaspoon salt

¼ Teaspoon ground black pepper

40g Shredded Cheddar Cheese


1.In a medium non stick pan over a medium heat melt the butter


2.Add the onion, green + red pepper, garlic and ham, sauté until the ham and onions are crisp (around 2 mins)


3.In a separate bowl beat the eggs with salt and pepper


4. Pour the eggs into the pan where the vegetables and ham are cooking


5.Cook the eggs for 3-4 minutes


6.Flip the omelette over and top the cooked side with cheese


7.After 1-2 minutes, fold the omelette over, cook for another 1-2 minutes until the cheese melts and serve


Nutrition per serving (1 Omelette) Calories: 429 Total Fat: 32.7g Carbs: 9.1g Net Carbs: 6.9g Fibre: 2.2g Protein: 24.7g