Diet’s Fail due to ONE thing...

Hey guys!


Quick message today


As you know, I spend hours each week talking with people


Solving problems


Teaching how to live a healthier life


ah, the constant lessons I give to my Raw Strength disciples who progress at the speed of light




Why then, do my clients kick ass yet many people struggle when it comes to burning fat?


Get thy pens ready...


“Because YOU are making things overly DIFFICULT for yourself"




What I mean is this;


> is your food shop a routine, planned and military operation (EASY to get lean)


or do you just buy what you feel like eating (DIFFIFUCLT to get lean)


> is your workout scheduled in your calendar at the same time each week (EASY)


or do you get to the gym when you can (DIFFICULT)


Which one is it?


Would you rather have it easy and get lean?


OR have a hard life and be miserable?


I shot a quick video about a more day-to-day tactic you can use


Check out the Facebook page for that (no link, go and find me)


And for the rest of this week, make things easy for yourself 


Plan to be successful and you will be


Want my help?


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Speak soon


Anthony Shaw


Head Coach 

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington