Do You Believe You Can Change?


My dog passed away just before Christmas, 12 years old.


This threw me into a really reflective period


I realized just how quickly the last 12 years have gone for me


And how big my changes have been


From a rural South Wales childhood


To moving to Manchester and finishing Uni, starting a fitness company


And all within the past 12 years


Yet somehow I felt the same….


At times I’m my own biggest critic


Perhaps you feel this way now and then?


It’s as if I work really hard to make a change, yet nothing FEELS different.


So just before Christmas, as I was reflecting- I realised why this is…




Each time I make it to a goal, I immediately set new goals


This is how I’ve always been taught to set goals


And really, it’s how I teach others too (but that’s set to change big time in 2016)


But what ends up happening is the goals just get bigger and bigger


Eventually, you wonder why the hell you’re working so hard


I am literally in a dream position with my business and life compared to just 2 years ago


Yet a few months ago I was miserably setting bigger goals for myself


More clients, more money goals, more staff, more programs




Then I realised.




If I just look back and think…


6 years ago I was training 3 clients out of a shed


With my training, I was lifting 90kg bench press and 180kg deadlift


I was so driven and motivated to improve!


Compared to today, I’ve come such a long way


Yet, how come we never celebrate the wins along the way?


How come we never just create a goal and MAINTAIN success when we reach it?!


So now, for this year – I’ve written my goals in a new way…


To firstly make me happy, and to celebrate every little successful step along the way


For example, with my training I’ve always trained for strength


Yet this was never ending for me


I’d hit a new PB


Then set a new goal 10% higher and get back into the gym the next day


Ultimately this has made training boring for me


SO now, I just want to enjoy each session and get a physical change in my body


Whilst maintaining my current strength levels.


I’m happy with my strength! << big thing to realise for your goals


So what are you working on this year to make a change?


And what are you happy with that you want to maintain?


Be careful not to fall into the trap of constantly raising the bar when you’re already happy


Sometimes less is more


Or you can find that a decade or more can pass and you still ‘feel’ like the same person despite having improved a thousand times over


SO improve yourself this year


But take the time to cherish the wins


This way you can have a physical change AND be mentally ready to receive the positive benefits of that


The body and mind are closely connected so set goals to make yourself happy!


And if you are depressed, stressed or down right now….what would make you happy?


How would the happy version of you walk, talk and dress?


How would the perfect body look like for you?


Set that as your goal, and when you reach it (which you certainly can) embrace it!




Go take ACTION!


Anthony Shaw


Head Coach

Raw Strength Gym, Warrington


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