Don’t waste another day…

Hey, hope you’re having a great week


You may have been on our email list for a while or followed us for years but haven’t reached out to apply...

We aren’t currently taking on any new clients

But our next intake is from the 29th June to the 4th July

That’s when you can apply and let us know why you want a place on our program

There are 10 places going for July to mid-August, so stay tuned


All too often I see people watch and wait ‘from the wings’ for the right time to apply

Yet there won’t ever be a ‘good time’ to start changing your life

Believe me, I have been through the struggle


6 years ago I set up Raw Strength Gym to transform people’s lives through strength training and nutrition


We are now the biggest private gym in Warrington and have been featured in Men’s Fitness Magazine amongst others


Yet, for the first few years I had a part-time job to keep the gym afloat


When I finally quit that job to go ‘all in’ with the gym business


Guess what?


90% of my clients left (it was just before Christmas 2013)


I had no job


I had almost no clients


No money


I had bills to pay


…It wasn’t a fun christmas let me tell you!


But if I hadn’t done that…


…If I hadn’t just jumped in and DONE it


I wouldn’t have the amazing life and business I have now.


So for the ONE person that is reading this and on the fence about joining


Just know that we are here to help


I am here to help you


We are here to 100% transform you, this is not hype, this is proven


All of our clients lose at least 1 stone in the first 12 weeks


Which is a drastically flatter stomach


More defined upper back and arms


Stronger legs and just a better looking body


But also, more energy, more happiness and a feeling of living life with Purpose


Are you lacking that right now?


DO you want help to get your life on track?


 Get ready, the applications will go live from tomorrow!