(T + E) ÷ C = SUCCESS

Let me explain..

T = Time

We all live in a fast paced world. As a result we want things quickly. The advancement in technology has meant that we can access to many of the things we need instantly..

For example, We can shop when WE want to and we can now watch programmes when WE want to.

This demand for things in an instant has Impacted on all areas of our busy lives. But none more than the food industry.

In our pursuit for convenience we saw the creation of the TV dinners in America during the fifties. This was around the same time as McDonalds opened their first fast food restaurant.

Both ventures satisfied the demand of providing food for people in a rush.

Over the years, both of these ventures would experience phenomenal growth, development but no one would have ever imagined the negative impact it would have on people's health.

Ready meals became even quicker due to the invention of the microwave and the drive-thru fast food restaurant means we now don't even have to waste time to get at of our cars to get our food!

Unfortunately, along with this growth and development saw a decline in the quality of food, with the introduction of artificial ingredients, resulting in the consumers weight increasing and their health deteriorating.

Has this been a price worth paying for convenience??

Our appetite for quick, easy and instant solutions to everyday problems shows no sign waning. After all, we are all so busy and have so much to do in so little time, don't we?

Patience! We don't have time for Patience!!!

The Health and Fitness industry has over the years tried to meet the demands of making people achieve health, wellbeing along with an amazing body in little or no time with the minimum of effort.

One of first and probably most famous inventions was the vibrating belt machines.



This was designed to jiggle the living crap out of you until your all your belly fat melted away!! The perfect solution for people who didn't have the time or inclination to exercise. Great as a warm up for a good twerking session... but unfortunately useless for fat loss.

Many more weird and wonderful devices and training methods have been invented and advertised over the years by fitness models with six packs, all promising amazing results in little time. Who remembers 8 minute abs??



As you can see the health and fitness industry has in no way been as successful as the food industry in giving us what we want RIGHT NOW!!

Why is this??

This is because it not POSSIBLE to improve your health, wellbeing and have an awesome body right now.. It takes time.... Not what you wanted to hear right??

Please don't stop reading, I know how busy you are and how your time is precious but stay with me!

In order to achieve optimal health, it requires a shift in our thinking along with a different approach. We accept that in order to make a positive change in our health and wellbeing will take TIME.


E = Effort

The second piece of bad news is that change will require effort. No I'm sorry not even the revolutionary latest "six pad" both used (really??) and endorsed by Ronaldo won't provide the solution.

Really. I give up.

Really. I give up.

Without commitment to putting the work in we cannot hope to be successful in improving our health and changing our body. This is also true in any aspect of our lives we wish to change.


C = Consistency

Here is, I believe, the key factor to overall success which is consistency. This is what separates the best from the rest.

Consistency is a skill, just like any skill, it needs to be practised regularly. You won't become consistent in a day or two.

Start small, and work towards your bigger goal. You aren't going to build an amazing physique by working out, eating clean and sleeping 8 hours every night in just 2 weeks.

But if you are consistent over a period of months... you absolutely will.

There are no quick fixes, no 8 minute abs, no magic machine to do it while you watch TV...

This is not what most people want to hear.

And this is why the certain people will continue to make millions of pounds selling six pads, detox shakes and meal replacements and why some people will continue to buy them not achieving results, becoming disheartened and ultimately remaining unhealthy.

Ultimately, we get out what we put in. If we commit to being consistent day in day out the results will come.

So figure out what you want. Turn up for every training session, both in body (get your ass there every session) and in mind (give it all you have got). Create a clean eating strategy and one which is ideal for you (with the help of the coaches) and look to ways in which you can remove unwanted stress in your life.

We all WANT perfection.... but what we really NEED is consistency.